The 27th Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on 19th April 2011, and 54 members were present.


The following Committee was elected:  Keith Jackson (Chairman), Adrian Patrick (Secretary), Peter Cogliatti (Treasurer), Peter Lee (Captain), Alan Bailey, Pam Jardine, Ron Maclaren, Ann Madden, Chris Pullan, Helen Seymour, Roger Sugden.


Geoff Whitehead was asked to present the Club trophies.







The Treasurer reported a deficit of £484 over the year ending 31 March 2011. This deficit is in accordance with the policy of slowly reducing the net assets, which at the end of the year stood at £10,692.


Tributes were paid to Sylvia Timberlake and Malcolm Channing – both of whom had given a long period of loyal service to the club – and also to Andrew Barnett, who had been on the Committee for a shorter time. All three were standing down from the Committee and were presented with gifts of appreciation.


Three issues were raised under Any Other Business:-


i) Some dissatisfaction was expressed with movements involving 3-board sit-outs, and it was decided that they should be avoided where practical to do so.

Thanks are due to Malcolm Channing who subsequently produced a new folder of movements for Directors to use in order to avoid this problem.


ii) The Secretary reviewed the reasons why some sessions had been cancelled due to bad weather last winter.

The Committee subsequently confirmed that members’ safety and the possibility of a car accident meant a careful approach was the right one. In any case there was little point in risking either for a likely small turnout.


iii) Some dissatisfaction was expressed about some members playing at the club only in major competitions and there was some discussion of representative team selection where members only occasionally attended club sessions.

The Committee subsequently discussed this issue and concluded that we should continue to welcome the participation of all members in our competitions. However, it is noted that one of the player requirements for EBU inter-club competitions recently announced by the EBU is “[the player] must play regularly at the club or for the club or contribute regularly in some other way...”. Examples will be provided on the EBU website of what the EBU believes is good practice in this area.


Party - I hope you all enjoyed the bridge and party which followed the AGM. I would like to record thanks to Sylvia Timberlake for organising the plentiful and varied food, Adrian Patrick and Ron Maclaren the drinks, and Chris Pullan for being the inventive and informative MC (and Director).





From this year the existing County League, Affiliated Clubs Leagues and Intermediate League will come under the same umbrella, as follows:-

Division 1 – the previous County league county-wide

Division 2 – the previous Affiliated Clubs League Division 1

Division 3 – the previous Affiliated Clubs League Division 2

Division 4 – the previous Intermediate League

It is expected that there will be sufficient entries for Divisions 2-4 for them to be regionalised. An important change is that there is no longer the requirement that all members of a team should belong to the same club.


The Committee hopes that some teams entering will continue to comprise solely of Mayfield members. We will be contacting members of teams that represented Mayfield in 2010/2011 in order to try to encourage them to continue playing in the reorganised League. We also wish to encourage Mayfield members who have not previously taken part in the League to enter for the coming season – please contact Keith Jackson for information on the format of the League and how to enter. Teams which comprise solely of Mayfield members, and wish to enter as representative Mayfield teams, will have their entry fee (£16 per team) paid for by the club.




The new Club Pairs Challenge is an event which can be played in Affiliated Clubs on any day in the week commencing 22nd August. Any pair who are awarded Master Points in the session at the club are eligible to participate in the final at Old Woking on Sunday 9th October. The club session on Tuesday 23rd August will be Mayfield’s qualifying heat, so please make a note in your diary if you are interested, as details of this event came too late for it to be included in the club calendar (sent out with this Newsletter).


FORTHCOMING EVENTS – to end of year


Committee & Liz Phillips Cups - Tuesday 26th July.  The ranking determining the split between these two events will be decided on the night in order to even out the number of pairs in each. 

Pick-up Teams – Tuesday 30th August

EBU Simultaneous Pairs – Tuesday 13th September

Pro-Am Night – Tuesday 18th October

No Bridge – Friday 18th November

Pick-up Teams – Tuesday 29th November

Party Night – Tuesday 6th December – Cocktails 6.30pm, Bridge 7.15pm.




This summarizes all successes in the 2010/2011 season.  Congratulations to everyone mentioned and sincere apologies for any omissions there may be below.



Norman Cup



Dean Morley and Adrian Patrick

Arun Suri and Bernard Pike

Mayfield Teams Cup




Liz Phillips, Tim Cook, Bernard Pike, Roger Morton, Malcolm Pryor, Bill Hodgkiss

Robin Griffiths, Jack Feld, Phillip Tilbrook, Maria Martin, Helen Seymour

Mayfield Cup


Roger Morton

Mayfield Handicap Cup


Andrew Barnett

Kath Coward Cup


Phil Brooks

Kath Coward Handicap Cup


Andrew Barnett


Cliff Street Trophy



Sylvia and John Timberlake

Mary Street and Adrian Patrick

Mixed Pairs



Pam Jardine and Adrian Patrick

Brian Smith and Ulla Adilz

Dorothy Williamson Teams



Andrew Barnett, Keith Jackson, Phil Tilbrook, and Peter Cogliatti

Ulla Adilz, Kerstin Tompsett, Pam Jardine, and Joan Cullen

Ladies’ Pairs



Sylvia Timberlake and Joan Cullen

Ann Madden and Helen Seymour

Men’s Pairs



Arun Suri and Peter Lee

Adrian Patrick and Dean Morley

Liz Phillips Cup



Arun Suri and Roger Morton

Rosemary Rice and Roger Sugden

Committee Cup



Peter Cogliatti and Andrew Barnett

Alan Rainbow and Chris Lemon




Pam Jardine and Peter Lee

Ron Maclaren and Philip Brooks





Representing Mayfield



Affiliated Teams of 8


Mayfield (Peter Lee, Liz Phillips, Arun Suri, Tony Scouller, Roger Morton, John Frosztega, Bill Hodgkiss and Ian Swanson)

Affiliated League Div A

(Central division and final)


Mayfield A (Peter Lee, Arun Suri, Bernard Pike, Tim Cook, Liz Phillips, Tony Scouller and Roger Morton)

Affiliated League Div B

(Central division and final)


Mayfield D (Andrew Barnett, Peter Cogliatti, Heather West, Keith Jackson and Tony Belton)

Mary Edwards


Adrian Patrick and Dean Morley



Liz Phillips, Tim Cook, Malcolm Pryor and  Bill Hodgkiss

Other events



County Pairs


Arun Suri and partner

County Pairs Plate


Liz Phillips and Bernard Pike

Aileen Filose


Heather West and partner

County Mixed Pairs


Liz Phillips and Peter Lee

Senior’s Pairs


Tony Turnage and partner

AGM Swiss Pairs


Peter Lee and partner

Lady Rose Cup


Liz Phillips, Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands and 1 other

County League


Peter Lee and 4 others

County Multiple Team of 4


Peter Lee and 3 others

Victor Ludorum


Peter Lee





I noted the following major achievements by members.

Representing Surrey





Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands, Ian Swanson and nine others

Metropolitan Cup


Arun Suri, Peter Lee and 10 others

National Leagues Final


Arun Suri, Peter Lee and 6 others

Other events



National Pairs


Peter Lee and Bob Rowlands

Corwen Trophy


Peter Lee and Bob Rowlands







An interesting test of bidding in the Mayfield Teams Cup on 22nd February

from Keith Jackson


Board 11 – Love All – Dealer South

My partner (South) passed and West bid an Acol 2§. I (North) held:-


ª A K 10 9 8 2

© A Q 2

¨ J 10 9 4 3



Thinking West’s bid showed 23+ points, I concluded that the East and South hands must have virtually nothing. I thought the likely contract would be 5§ by West, it would not be a certain make (because my ©A was the wrong side for West and trumps were breaking badly) and therefore 5ª could well be a phantom sacrifice. Therefore I passed, not wanting to give West any inkling of where the missing points were – or perhaps I just lacked cojones!


East then made a jump bid of 3©, West jumped to 4NT (simple Blackwood), East bid 5¨ and West finished with 6§. Now thoroughly bemused by the whole auction, I refrained from doubling and led the ªA, thinking East must have a fistful of hearts and West might be void.


Dummy went down and Declarer claimed 13 tricks! The East/West hands were:-


East                                                                              West

ª  –                                                                             ª 7

© J 10 9 5 2                                                                 © 8

¨ A K 9 7 5 2                                                              ¨ 6

§ 9 4                                                                           § A K Q J 10 8 7 6 5 3


I don’t think many players would have jumped to 3© on East’s hand, but who can criticise success! However, the interesting question is what should West have opened – 5§ or a gambling 3NT or an Acol 2§ (or Benji 2¨) – knowing that North and East must hold at least 19 points between them (South having passed)?

East/West were not a regular partnership so that probably ruled out 3NT and the escape response of 4§. I understand that 5§ would probably get the nod amongst top players, even though such a bid need show only 8 playing tricks (not 10) non-vulnerable. In favour of 2§ would be that according to Ron Klinger (the Acol guru) 2§ shows “23+ points or 10+ playing tricks, game force”. Also the hand probably just meets one of the ‘extended rule of 25’ requirements needed in the rules for a strong opening, ie having at least 8 clear-cut tricks with the minimum point count associated with a one-level opening .


The other interesting point of the hand was that South had:-


ª Q J 6 5 4 3

© K 6 4 3

¨ Q 8

§ 2


and correctly did not open a weak 2ª (because of the four card heart suit), but would have sacrificed as far as 6ª if North had overcalled 2ª. It is then possible that West might think 6ª would make and bid 7§. North would then double and still lead the ªA for safety’s sake for the reason given above – in which case East/West would have been very pleased!


The lesson of this hand for me is to consider competing against game-force bids because they may not be as strong in high card points as one first imagines.