The 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on 24th April 2007 with 63 members present. This ran very smoothly lasting only 20 minutes so enabling us to complete 20 boards.

Malcolm Channing resigned as Chairman of the Committee after serving 3 years. Chris Pullan thanked him on behalf of the Committee and presented him with a book and a music voucher as a thank you for his service to the Club as Chairman.

One of Malcolm’s last tasks was to persuade someone to succeed him as Chairman and he achieved success by persuading Sylvia Timberlake to rejoin the Committee in the capacity as Chairman.  The Committee are highly delighted to have Sylvia’s talent back on board and I’m sure the members have to agree that she is eminently qualified for the task.  Thank you, Sylvia.

The following Committee was elected: Sylvia Timberlake (Chairman), Rosemary Rice (Secretary), Peter Lee (Captain), Chris Pullan (Treasurer), Andrew Barnett, Malcolm Channing, Ron Maclaren, Roger Sugden, Keith Jackson, Roy Smith and Terry Kedgley.

The Club trophies were presented by Molly Slevin as follows:

Norman Cup

Audrey Grzesiak & Hazel Farmer

Mayfield Teams Cup

Dean Morley, Joan Cullen, Julian Hemsted, John Lockyer, Jack Feld

Mayfield Cup

Liz Phillips

Mayfield Handicap Cup

Dean Morley

Kath Coward Cup

Sylvia Timberlake

K Coward Handicap Cup

Philip Brooks

Men's Pairs

John Timberlake & Rene Price

Ladies' Pairs

Gwen Easto & Olivia Dawson

Mixed Pairs

Liz Phillips & Arun Suri

Committee Cup

Lazlo Magos & Philip Brooks

Liz Phillips Cup

Dean Morley & Joan Cullen

Dorothy Williamson Cup

Chris Pullan, Terry Kedgley, Julian Hemsted, John Lockyer      

Pro-Am Cup

Bernard Pike & John Osborne






The membership database has been updated and the list of telephone numbers is included with this newsletter. Please check that we have your correct address (on the envelope) and the correct telephone number on the list. If in error, please inform either Ron Maclaren or Rosemary Rice of the required correction.







We are pleased to welcome Peter Cogliatti, Anita Durrant, Gillian Hutt and Carol Letts as new members since the last newsletter.






Please Note:

St. John’s Hall is due to be refurbished during the week 13th to 18th August and, as a result, there will be NO BRIDGE on 14th and 17th August.


Committee & Liz Phillips Cups Tuesday, 21st August.  The rank determining the split between these two events will be decided on the night in order to even out the number or pairs in each. It will be either National Master plus or Premier Regional Master plus.


Pick up Teams            -           Tuesday, 31st July.


EBU Simultaneous Pairs -    Tuesday, 18th September.


Pro-Am                       -           Tuesday, 23rd October. 


No Bridge                   -          Tuesday 14th August, Friday, 17th August,

Friday, 16th November, Tuesday 25th December


Christmas Party          -          Tuesday, 18th December



MEMBERS SUCCESSES (or otherwise)



Peter Lee reports that his team lost their recent NICKO quarterfinal by 1 imp. Bad luck indeed.



Victor Ludorum                  Peter Lee


Lady Rose Cup              Runner-up      Peter Lee’s team


Senior Pairs                    1st                   Liz Phillips & Tim Cook

2nd                  Peggy Moir & partner


Mixed Pairs                    1st                   Peter & Margaret Lee


Aileen Filose                  2nd                  Rosemary Rice & Maria Martin


Surrey Affiliated League      Division 1 – 1st  Mayfield A (Liz Phillips, Tim Cook, Peter & Margaret Lee, Arun Suri, Angela Forsyth)

Division 2 – 2nd Mayfield C (Ann Madden, David Dick, Mary Street, Adrian Patrick, Lucia Grant, Phil Brooks)


AGM Swiss Pairs         1st        Liz Phillips & Peter Lee



Mayfield Teams           1st      Helen Seymour, Rosemary Rice, Terry Kedgley and Chris Pullan

2nd      Liz Phillips, Peter Lee, John Frosztega, Sean O’Neill, Rolf Alexander


Norman Cup                1st      Audrey Grzesiak & Hazel Farmer

2nd        Tim Cook & Arun Suri


Dorothy Williamson      1st     Helen Seymour, Rosemary Rice, Terry Kedgley and Chris Pullan
Tony Scouller, Arun Suri, Tim Cook & Roger Morton


Mixed Pairs                 1st       Loraine Murphy & Tony Belton

                                    2nd       Alan Bailey and Peggy Moir


Men’s Pairs                 1st       Dean Morley & John Lockyer
Arun Suri & Bernard Pike


Ladies’ Pairs                1st      Denny Wade & Liz Phillips

                                    2nd      Olivia Dawson & Gwen Easto


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When I retired from the Committee 2 years ago, I did not foresee myself returning to the fold and especially in such a position.  It was an honour to be asked to fill the vacant role that Malcolm had so ably managed and, although a little reluctant at first, I accepted the challenge and trust that I can serve you well.


My first task was to address the subject of a dress code which was raised at the AGM.  When the club was first formed it was unacceptable to play at the club unless the gentlemen were wearing jackets and ties.  However, we have moved on apace since then and, even in offices, it is quite usual to wear casual clothing.  So the Committee discussed the question of shorts which several gentlemen like to wear in the hot weather.  It was agreed that these would be approved provided that they were knee length and it is hoped that all members will comply with this decision.


I made a plea at the AGM for members to help Malcolm out as a Director.  He has agreed to be our Chief Director as long as he only directs once a month plus the competitions.  Thank you to those members who have already added their name to the list.  For those who are still thinking about it, please be reminded that it is very much appreciated by the Committee when help is forthcoming from the membership.


A bugbear at the club is slow play and this has also been discussed in Committee and Malcolm will give our recommendations on this further on in this newsletter.  Suffice it to say that if you know that you are a slow player, please make a concerted effort to speed up as, not only does it hold up the movement, but it is very frustrating to follow you.


Here endeth my first lesson in St John’s Hall!


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EBU Proposal to replace your subscription


The EBU have proposed a change to their funding – it has been named as ‘Pay to Play’ and we would appreciate your comment on their proposal.


Players will not be required to pay an annual subscription to the EBU (currently £20 per annum) but the proposal is that the Club increases the table money by 30p and collects this money on behalf of the EBU.  Clearly, for someone playing only once a week this looks like very little change but for those playing more frequently it will mean a much greater contribution.


The affiliated clubs (such as the Mayfield) will be required to pay an Annual Affiliation fee which would cost our club £75 per year.


As you are all aware, we run at a small loss every year.  It is probable that the table money will need to increase by 50p in order to cover the additional EBU expense to the Club and the likely reduction of numbers which may well result from the EBU proposal.


You may view the EBU strategy document on the Home page of the EBU website. For those of you who do not have access, we have paper copies available on request.






First, I would like to thank those members who have come forward in recent weeks to offer their services as Tournament Director for the evening.


We still have repeated complaints from members about slow play, so please be considerate to others. If you think this might apply to you, speeding up can be achieved by:

a)     make the initial lead before writing the contract on your card

b)    keeping discussion of the first hand to a minimum,

c)     if the Director has called move before you have finished, please just score up and move immediately after East has checked it. If you do finish before the Director has called move, you may discuss the hands if you wish but please do so quietly as other people will be playing the hand later on in the evening.





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New Rules on artificial two-level and strong one-level openings


As reported in the April edition of the EBU magazine, a revised ruling on strong and artificial opening bids will take effect from August 1st. You will need to satisfy ONE of the following conditions:

a)    a minimum of 16 high card points, or

b)    a hand that conforms to the rule of 25 (high card points +number of cards in your 2 longest suits, or

c)    the hand contains as a minimum the normal 1-level opening and has a minimum of 8 clear tricks



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Chris Pullan offers some useful comment relating to common misunderstandings on

Rules and Ethics




Last August, we started announcing the strength of 1 No trump opening bids, stayman, transfers over 1 NT and the strength of single suit opening two bids.  This was originally for a trial period of one year and following mixed reactions, the existing arrangements are to continue until further notice.  So don’t forget!


Mis-explanations or failure to alert.


Occasionally, players will fail to alert or mis-explain a bid on request.  Where this occurs, the Orange Book sets out the procedure to be followed.  3 D 5 states:


If a player is reasonably or completely sure that partner has misalerted or given a wrong explanation, he must rectify the situation at the appropriate time by calling the TD and explaining the situation.  The appropriate time is as follows:


a)      If he becomes declarer or dummy, before the opening lead is selected: and

b)      If he becomes defender, at the end of the hand, not earlier.


Three points to bring out are:

1)      The later time scale for defenders is to avoid giving unauthorised information to or reminding partner about their own system;

2)      If a) occurs, then under Rule 21, the last player making a pass may withdraw this call since it was based on misinformation;

3)       The TD will determine whether damage has occurred and, if so, award an adjusted score.



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The Mayfield have not been issuing Local Points Certificates since April. Now we are registering them direct with the EBU so that we no longer need to produce hundreds of little pieces of paper. We have just registered Local Points for the last quarter and the points registered were:-


Ulla  Adilz

111 (5)


Pam  Jardine

63 (2)


Adrian  Patrick

48 (3)

Alan  Bailey

114 (3)


Elizabeth  Johnson

186 (6)


Liz  Phillips

127 (4)

Andrew  Barnett

108 (7)


Terry  Kedgley

146 (6)


Bernard  Pike

110 (5)

Tony  Belton

70 (3)


Audrey  Kolbe

116 (4)


Shirley  Preuveneers

46 (3)

Adrian  Boulding

42 (4)


Alan  Laker

18 (2)


Chris  Pullan

206 (8)

Jacky  Boulding

18 (2)


Dorothy  Laker

18 (2)


Audrey  Randall

104 (3)

Philip  Brooks

155 (8)


Renate  Lane

148 (5)


Rosemary  Rice

150 (4)

Malcolm  Channing

165 (9)


Margaret  Lee

60 (1)


Les  Roffey

6 (1)

Pete  Cogliatti

69 (2)


Peter  Lee

60 (1)


Tony  Scouller

50 (2)

Tim  Cook

204 (6)


Jill  Leslie

56 (2)


Helen  Seymour

82 (3)

Mike  Cowley

40 (1)


John  Lockyer

84 (5)


John  Short

30 (1)

Joan  Cullen

108 (5)


Rosemary  Lyttle

109 (6)


Molly  Slevin

140 (10)

Jean  Davies

10 (1)


Ron  Maclaren

123 (7)


Roy  Smith

48 (3)

Olivia  Dawson

60 (3)


Ann  Madden

87 (3)


Cyril  Staples

6 (1)

Anita  Durrant

62 (2)


Laszlo  Magos

48 (1)


Mary  Street

73 (4)

Gwen  Easto

24 (1)


Liz  Martin

24 (1)


Roger  Sugden

193 (12)

Hazel  Farmer

30 (2)


Maria  Martin

24 (1)


Arun  Suri

163 (7)

John  Frosztega

30 (1)


Peggy  Moir

52 (2)


Philip  Tilbrook

36 (2)

Malcolm  Glover

12 (1)


Dean  Morley

104 (5)


John  Timberlake

171 (10)

Lucia  Grant

108 (6)


Roger  Morton

270 (8)


Sylvia  Timberlake

171 (7)

Audrey  Grzesiak

78 (4)


Joyce  Munns

21 (2)


Kerstin  Tompsett

92 (5)

Julian  Hemsted

30 (2)


Trevor  Munns

21 (2)


Tony  Turnage

10 (1)

Lynne  Hiorns

33 (4)


Lorraine  Murphy

54 (2)


Joan  Underdown

12 (1)

Bill  Hodgkiss

30 (1)


Peter  Norman

92 (2)


Denny  Wade

100 (4)

Pam  Hoskins

18 (1)


Sean  O'Neill

43 (2)


Heather  West

114 (5)

Keith  Jackson

24 (1)


John  Osborne

70 (2)





The number indicates the total points while the number  in brackets is the number of times you have scored points.


In addition to the above there were five members who are not members of the EBU and one member whose EBU membership number was incorrectly entered.


So those of you who have access to the internet can check that the points have been allocated correctly and if you name does not appear above there will be the usual piece of paper.

Some related problems by Peter Lee



Text Box: Graham	♠J72♥A1085♦842♣A105
Me	♠AQ105♥K32♦AK1097♣K

                Recently I played for Surrey with Graham Osborne (son of Mayfield member John) in the Metropolitan Cup, a team of 12 event for the Home Counties.  We were playing together for the first time after a last minute team reshuffle and had the following hand:

At game all, with no adverse bidding, I opened 1♦ and the bidding proceeded 1♥ - 2♠ (game forcing) - 3♦ - 3♥.  Graham might now have bid 3NT, but opposite, say ♠AKQx  ♥Kxx  ♦AQJxx  ♣x  this might fail, with 5♦ easy.  So, he bid 3♠.  I had now showed my points and shape, so there was some case for my bidding 3NT, as having an honour in clubs was the only feature he was not aware of.  This seemed risky and I bid 4♦.  Graham raised to 5♦ and there we were with 3NT clearly better (100% in fact).  Anyway, after a club lead, how to play it?  As I could discard a heart on a club, it looked like a diamond and a spade to lose, but what if diamonds were 4-1?  A standard play with this combination is to cash the A (which I did), then, if no honour appears, cross to dummy, and (after taking my heart pitch on the club A) play a diamond to the 10.  There were two flaws with this – (a) if four diamonds proved to be on my left I could not then take the spade finesse due to lack of entries, (b) if they were on my right, RHO could go in with the diamond Q and, when I win and play the 10 back, force me with a club and I would lose control.  Somewhat slowly, the answer hit me, and I played the 10 of diamonds at trick 3!  West showed out, but now I was home as I could win the spade switch with the A, cross to dummy, pitch my heart loser, take the marked trump finesse, draw the other trump, knock out the K of spades and claim.  Had East showed out on the diamond 10 I would still have had an entry to try running the spade J.


Text Box: 	♠K42♥K65♦962♣A942	
♠1087♥QJ1032♦Q5♣J63	Game NSDealer S	♠95♥A97♦K743♣Q1087

                A few days later, I picked up a July 2006 Bridge magazine where the Abbot (the lead character in David Bird’s excellent series) led the Q hearts against Sister Grace’s 4♠ contract.  She ruffed the third heart, drew trumps ending in dummy, and then correctly played a small diamond to the J.  (Note that small to the 8 fails, as does running the 9).  The Abbot won the Q, played another heart, but Sister Grace could now ruff, cross to dummy, run the diamond 9, and then repeat the diamond finesse to make the rest.  In the post mortem, Sister Grace blamed the Abbot for not ducking the Q of diamonds smoothly, as she would then cross to dummy, finesse into the bare queen, and go off with no entry to pick up the diamond K.  Given David Bird’s excellent analysis and the fact that (like Brother Lucius) Sister Grace generally plays at well above World Championship standard, it is surprising that no one noticed that playing the diamond 8 (or the 10 to the 9) on the second round would pick up either KQxx or Kxxx with East.  Essentially this is the same idea as in the previous hand, and clearly it is easy to miss.


                Surrey won the event, with London second, Liz Phillips and Roger Morton also being part of the winning team.  Dickie Phillips was responsible for getting the event off the ground in the distant past.


Countdown to Who Wants To Be The Eggheads Strongest Link!






Defile a myth (anagram)                                   .. .. .. .. .. ..                   


Flora and Fauna

Watch out for the water bird                               .. .. .. .. .. ..     

Alternative name for the pansy                              .. .. .. .. .. ..



Food and Drink

A two-tiered snack                                                                            .. .. .. .. .. ..                          

A royal thief                                                                                       .. .. .. .. .. ..

It works wonders                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. ..



A dunk in basketball and tennis                      .. .. .. .. .. ..

An outright winner                                   .. .. .. .. .. ..

Edinburgh football club                              .. .. .. .. .. ..

England are bad at these                             .. .. .. .. .. ..



Kimberley’s fame                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. ..

The Bernese Oberland is here                                                            .. .. .. .. .. ..

Jamaica’s capital                                                                                .. .. .. .. .. ..

Donald’s tower                                                                                  .. .. .. .. .. ..

State of Brisbane                                                                               .. .. .. .. .. ..


General Knowledge

The British flag                                                                                   .. .. .. .. .. ..

Archie Andrews was one                                                                   .. .. .. .. .. ..

Nelson’s flagship, N S E & W                                                           .. .. .. .. .. ..

An accordion                                                                                     .. .. .. .. .. ..

Slang for psychiatrist                                                                          .. .. .. .. .. ..

Abraham offered Isaac as this                                                            .. .. .. .. .. ..



What is the theme of this quiz?  ……………………………………………………



The Millionaire prize is a free play for the first correct solution drawn out of the hat on Tue 4 September. 


Please submit your solution (with your name on it, of course) to Sylvia Timberlake before that date.