The 24th Annual General Meeting of the Club will take place in St. John’s Hall on the above date at a start time of 7:30pm, followed by bridge as soon as possible. The usual format will apply with the Officers’ reports being posted on the notice board and, in some cases, on the web site in advance of the Meeting. It is hoped that these will be taken as read at the Meeting. 


Please advise the Secretary, Rosemary Rice of any business that you wish to be raised at the Meeting by 16 April 2007; otherwise it may not be possible to include it in the agenda.  A copy of last year’s minutes has been available at the club for the past 11 months and will remain so until the Meeting.  If you require an individual copy please speak to Rosemary Rice.  It is hoped that the accounts will be available in advance of the Meeting. 


Members are reminded that, if they wish to propose an amendment to any of the rules, it must be given to the Secretary 4 weeks before the Annual General Meeting – 27 March 2007.


When Malcolm Channing became Chairman in April 2004 he stated that he would take this office for a maximum of 3 years and has now completed his tenure.  We are therefore seeking someone to take over that task.  Malcolm has expressed his willingness to continue on the Committee if the newly elected Chairman is accepting of this.  Proposals for the new Chairman need to be made at least one week before the AGM.


There are vacancies on the Committee and nominations to fill these are welcomed. These should be made no later than one week before the meeting. A list will go up on the notice board well in advance of the meeting. Please take note of our Chairman’s comment later on this subject.





Norman Cup – 13 Feb (heat) / 13 March (final). The final will be limited to 5, 6 or 7 tables according to the original entry.  There will be Open Pairs on 14 March for those who do not qualify for the final or who were unable to enter in the first place.


Mayfield Teams Cup – 30 Jan / 27 Feb:  Teams can have up to 6 players so that in the event that you can only get a team for one evening you can have up to 2 substitutes for the second night.


Mixed Pairs Cup – 8 May:  Members should note that, although unmixed pairs may turn up to play, they will be expected to pair up with other unmixed pairs where possible.   Any pair left unmixed will still be able to play but without standing. 


Dorothy Williamson Handicap Teams – 29 May.  We introduced a handicap into last year’s teams event which appeared to be successful so intend to keep the same format for this year.


Mens & Ladies Pairs – 19 Jun:






This event was very well supported and it was good to see the Mayfield once again filled to capacity with 18 teams. Our thanks are extended particularly to: -

Rosemary Rice who organised the refreshments together with her team of helpers,

Mary Street, Helen Seymour and Sylvia Timberlake, Joan Underdown, Ron Maclaren 

John Timberlake who purchased the booze

Roger Sugden, Chris Pullan and Ron Maclaren who ran the bar

Chris for organising the competitions and prizes and directing for the evening.

George and his wife Angela for their work throughout the evening to run the catering and clearing up with their usual efficiency.


The winners on the evening were Maria Martin, Liz Martin, John & Ann Cruickshank.


Roger Morton produced had his camera to the fore and his photos taken during the evening are shown on the Web site. Thank you as always for this added attraction, Roger.





National Mens Pairs              3rd        Bob Rowlands & partner


Year End Congress

Mens Pairs                               7th        Arun Suri & partner

Teams                                      4th        Margaret & Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands & partner


Surrey Competitions             

Ladies Pairs (Aileen Filrose)     2nd        Maria Martin & Rosemary Rice

Green Point Teams A flight       2nd        Bernard Pike, Arun Suri, Tony Scouller & partner

Surrey County Pairs Plate         1st        Audrey Randall & Renate Lane

Surrey Affiliated Clubs League               Mayfield A team, captained by Tim Cook, leads with 40/40 with Roy Smith’s Mayfield B team lying 2nd with 33/40


Club Competitions                

Committee Cup                        1st        Laszlo Magos & Phillip Brooks

 2nd          Chris Pullan & Mike Cowley

Liz Phillips Cup                         1st        Dean Morley & Joan Cullen

 2nd       Alan Bailey & Roy Smith

Pro-Am Cup                            1st        Bernard Pike & John Osborne

2nd        Chris Pullan & Norman Grant





We are pleased to welcome Priscilla Rhodes, Fiona, Lorraine Murphy and John French  as new members to the club. Their telephone numbers are included with this Newsletter but, for those of you accessing this Newsletter on the internet, their telephone numbers are posted on the Notice Board.



RENE PRICE  1931 – 2006

Obituary by Angela Samuelson

The Grand Master that never was

Rene started playing bridge while serving in the RAF doing his national service. He was a member of Surrey for well over fifty years and served on the Surrey Committee for several of them. He represented both Berks & Bucks and Surrey. His great heroes were the Italian Blue Club Team who won so many World Championships and Olympiads.

Rene's pet hate was the master point system declaring that in some instances it never truly represented the calibre of the player. He was probably one of the few people who actually tore up green points. He was a truly ethical player with an analytical bridge brain and had a vast knowledge of all systems. Of all his many achievements both at Club, County and National level, winning the Surrey County Pairs the year before last gave him immense pleasure

Having partnered Rene for over 20 years I will so miss not seeing him opposite me at the bridge table and I know for me personally that bridge will never be quite the same again.

He leaves behind four children, eight grandchildren and a partner.


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BOB CANNING  1923 - 2006

Obituary by Martin Trouse


Robert Bruce Canning (Bob) was born in 1923 and passed away in September 2006, aged 83, after a short illness.


He and I played bridge together for many years, often as much as twice a month. He was a fine player and was excellent in all departments of the game. He was a kindly man and never criticised my mistakes, for which I was always grateful.


Although I knew Bob for many years, I knew little about his personal life beyond the fact he was married with two sons. He and his wife were fiercely proud of them both. He was a very private man and it was not until I attended his funeral on 12 September 2006 that I learned a little more about him.


He spent most of his working life with the C&A group and, during the Second World War, he was a fighter pilot flying from aircraft carriers in the South Pacific.


I shall miss playing bridge with him very much.


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ANN WHITMONT  1931 - 2006

Obituary by John Timberlake

Ann sadly passed away on Sunday, November 12th after a brave fight for several months against cancer.

After retiring from Glaxo, Ann's father Joe Nathan started up the original Mayfield Bridge Club in the early 1950's at their house called Mayfield in St Martins Avenue, Epsom. It took over the remnants of a bridge club in Alexandra Road, Epsom run during the war and briefly postwar by Mrs Dorothy Williamson (another name from our history). When Joe died in 1973, his wife Grace wanted the club to continue and Kath Coward ran it until 1982 when the present Mayfield Duplicate Bridge Club was formed.

Ann was a regular and loyal club supporter for over 50 years. She leaves behind 3 daughters, several grandchildren and her brother Derek.






As has been reported earlier in this newsletter I have decided that it is time that I stepped down as Chairman. When I was elected as Chairman nearly three years ago I said that I would not stay in office as long as my predecessor and would vacate the position after two or three years. When the AGM comes round in April I will have served three years and I feel that the time is right for someone else to take over the reins. I will, of course, be willing to continue on the Committee if that is the preference of the new Chairman.


One of the most disappointing trends that have occurred during my tenure as Chairman of the Club is the decline in both the membership and attendances, and I hope my successor can turn this trend round.


I must thank all those Committee Members and others, too numerous to mention, who have helped me over the last three years and I am sure that they will give the new Chairman the same level of support and guidance.


One of the most depressing duties of the Chairman is to announce the passing away of Members who in many cases are personal friends. Other the last six months I have had to inform the members of three untimely deaths, Rene Price, Bob Canning and Ann Whitmont. Elsewhere in this newsletter are obituaries.


Turning to a more cheerful note I must congratulate the rest of the Committee, especially Rosemary, for the Christmas Party and I am sure that all those who attended were overwhelmed by the mountains of food prepared by Rosemary and her helpers and I am sure that the rest of the Club will join me in expressing heartfelt thanks for all their hard work.


The date of the Annual General Meeting is 24th April, at 7:30pm and we hope to start the bridge as soon as possible afterwards. I look forward to seeing as many of the Members of the Club as possible.


The Nomination Sheets for Officers and Committee Members will be put on the Notice Board in the near future. This will give members a long time to ponder the situation and put themselves forward for consideration for one of the positions.


Since the last AGM the Club have operated with one Committee Member short as there were not enough nominations to fill all the vacancies. I hope that this year we do have enough volunteers to fill all the places on the Committee.


In the next few months there are a number of Club Championships, details of which are contained earlier in this newsletter. Over the last few years the number of entrants for these events have been dropping to such an extent that for the heat of the Norman Nixon Pairs in 2006 there were only 7½ tables with a final of 5 tables. If this situation recurs this year the Committee will have to consider whether it is worth continuing with the current format of a heat and a final.



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Tony Scouller’s long awaited ‘Winkle’


by Andrew Robson


This article is printed here by permission of Andrew Robson.

 It is copied from his Bridge Section in the Times from last August.



Dealer: South                                                         Vulnerability: N-S


K Q 7                                                           

¨ A K Q 10 8

Q 8 6 3

4                                                             J 9 8 6 5

9 6 3                                                                   8 5 4 2

¨ 7 6 5 4 3                                                            ¨ 9

K  10 7 5                                                            A J 9

                             ♠ A Q 10 7 3 2

                             A J 10

                             ¨ J 2

                             4 2


S(Scouller)       W                     N                     E

1♠                    Pass                 2¨                    Pass

2♠                    Pass                 3♣                    Pass

3NT                 Pass                 4NT(1)             Pass

5♠(2)                Pass                 6NT                 Pass


(1)            Quantitative

(2)           Marginal acceptance, but the two major-suit tens and upgraded jack in his partner’s diamonds tip the balance. He responds to show two of “five aces” (king of spades counting as an ace) plus the queen of spades, in case partner meant 4NT as Key Card Blackwood agreeing spades.


Opening lead:  ♥6




Winkle: “ A secondary squeeze that forces opponents to choose between a throw-in and an unblock, each of which costs a trick”. This beautiful end position was analysed and named by Terence Reese in his classic “The Expert Game” (1958).


Surrey’s Tony Scouller has been waiting (in his own words) 48 years for a Winkle to come along. He made full use of his opportunity, which occurred whilst practicing for the RAC London vs Automobile Club de France annual fixture (which they won).


Avoiding the fatal club lead, declarer won the heart lead with dummy’s king, cashed the king of spades, crossed to the jack of diamond then led the ace of spades. West discarding was a blow, reducing declarer’s tricks to 11. Was there a chance of a 12th?


Declarer ran dummy’s diamonds, and followed with the queen o hearts. He led dummy’s third heart over to his ace, putting East in the quandary in this four card ending:



  7 (led)                                                


  Q 8 6

                                                                J 9


¨                                                                ¨

  K  10 7 5                                                                A J

                 ♠ Q 10





East cannot spare a spade, or declarer’s queen-ten will be promoted. If he discards the jack of clubs, declarer can exit with a club. East wins with the ace, but is endplayed low lead a spade from his jack-nine. Finally, if East throws the ace of clubs, then declarer cashes the queen of spades and leads towards dummy’s queen of clubs. West can score his king, but dummy wins trick 13 with the queen. 12 tricks and slam made.

At the end declarer reflected that the 5-1 spade spilt was a blessing. Had spades split 4-2 (no jack dropping) he would surely have tried a third top spade in the hope of a split – and ruined the Winkle.


© Andrew Robson


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Alerting Doubles

by Chris Pullan


Since the introduction of the bidding changes last August, one area where there may be some confusion is the alerting or not of double bids.  The position up to and including 3 NT as set out by the EBU is:


Action over Opponents’ calls

Opponents Call …

Meaning of their call…

If your Double is…


No Action

A suit at any level





Anything else



Does not show the suit

(i.e. conventional )

Showing the suit doubled



Anything else



A suit opening

Prepared, Phony, Short or Nebulous 1C or 1D opening




Anything else



No trumps at any level

Natural or conventional




Anything else




The confusion seems to be in the area of Penalty Doubles.  My simplification is that if it is over a suit bid, then alert a penalty double.  Over a no trump bid, then it is the other way round and a penalty double is not alerted but other bids are.


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And finally, a touch of nostalgia . . . . .


Peter Lee has been doing a clear out at home and found about 300 or 400 old bridge magazines (pre 1990) that he needs no more. Rather than bin them he thought that some Mayfield members might like to browse them. If anyone is interested could they let Peter know by phone 02086422970 (home) or 02086428265 (office) or by email (