The 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on 25th April 2005 with 60 members present. This ran very smoothly lasting only 20 minutes so enabling us to complete 22 boards.

Joan Underdown resigned from the Committee after serving 19 years. Unfortunately, Joan was unable to be at the AGM but Malcolm expressed his thanks for her great contribution to the running of the Club stationery over the years.  At a later date he presented her with a book voucher as a thank you for her service to the Club on the Committee.

The following were re-elected to the Committee: Malcolm Channing (Chairman), Rosemary Rice (Secretary), Peter Lee (Captain), Chris Pullan (Treasurer), Ron Maclaren, Roger Sugden, Keith Jackson, Roy Smith and Terry Kedgley. Andrew Barnett joined as a new member to the Committee which now has one vacancy (no one came forward to offer to fill the place!).

The Club trophies were presented by Peter Norman as follows:

Norman Cup

Alan Bailey, Roy Smith

Mayfield Teams Cup

Margaret and Peter Lee, Liz Phillips, Sean O'Neill, John Frozstega

Mayfield Cup

Liz Phillips

Mayfield Handicap Cup

Geoff Whitehead

Kath Coward Cup

Molly Slevin

K Coward Handicap Cup

Andrew Barnett

Men's Pairs

Roger Morton, Sean O'Neill (on split Tie)

Ladies' Pairs

Molly Slevin, Audrey Vaughan

Mixed Pairs

Rosemary Little, Martin Trouse

Committee Cup

Malcolm Channing, Ron Maclaren

Liz Phillips Cup

Roger Morton, Arun Suri

Dorothy Williamson Cup

Liz Phillips, Peter Lee, Sean O'Neill, Bernard Pike

Pro-Am Cup

Roger Morton, Liz Balnave






The membership database has been updated and the list of telephone numbers is included with this newsletter. Please check that we have your correct address (on the envelope) and the correct telephone number on the list. If in error, please inform either Ron Maclaren or Rosemary Rice of the required correction.


Equally, with your permission, we would like to use your email address for distribution of notices and letters.  Please would anyone who is happy to receive documents by email let us know your email address – if you haven’t already done so. You may inform us through the Mayfield email address





We are pleased to welcome Pat Hunter, Pam Jardine, Fiona Clark, Priscilla Rhodes and Dean Morley as new members since the last newsletter.





Shortly after the last newsletter we learned that both Angela Forsyth and Tony Scouller had embarked on new marriages – I hasten to add, not the same one.  I take this opportunity to offer our belated congratulations and very best wishes for a happy time with their respective spouses.






Jack Feld has asked us to let you all know that he would like to arrange regular partnerships for Tuesday evenings.  Please would you contact Jack directly if you are available to play with him.






Committee & Liz Phillips Cups Tuesday, 22nd August.  The rank determining the split between these two events will be decided on the night in order to even out the number or pairs in each. It will be either National Master plus or Premier Regional Master plus.


Pick up Teams Nights  – Tuesdays, 29th August and 31st October.


London Metropolitan Bridge Association Simultaneous Pairs - Tuesday, 26th September.

The features of this event are included as a separate article below.


Pro-Am - Tuesday, 17th October.  This event has been moved in the calendar to spread the special events over the autumn months.


No Bridge - Friday, 17th November, Tuesday 26th December


Christmas Party  - Tuesday, 12th December





The London Metropolitan Bridge Association is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2006, and they have invited all the Clubs in the South East to in their celebrations and take part in their Anniversary Simultaneous Pairs. The event organiser is Roger Morton who has been a member of our Club for many years.


The event is being held on Tuesday 26th September at 7:40pm


What’s special about it? The LMBA has put together a booklet of hands that were played in past Lederer Memorial Trophy competitions. (The Lederer is England’s premier invitational event and is also celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.) The hands go back as far as 1951 and feature, amongst others, Jeremy Flint, Rixi Markus, John Collings, Irving Rose, Martin Hoffman, Tony Priday, Zia Mahmood, Tony have Forrester and Andrew Robson. The booklet will describe the action at least one table and will include contemporary expert analysis from the pens of Priday, Flint, Terence Reese and Alan Hiron.

How will the scoring work? Each traveller will include a score from the hand as it was played at the time and the pairs will IMP up against it, so they will know how they are doing, board by board. At the end of the event each club will send in its results (names and net IMPs) and a consolidated list will be put up on the LMBA web site.

There will be enhanced Master Points awards based on the total entry.

The overall winning North-South and East-West pairs will be invited, as guests of the LMBA, to receive their prizes at the 2006 Lederer on October 29th.

How much does it cost?  £2 per player will be charged in addition to the normal table money.


We really hope you will be able to join us in what we think will be a fun bridge event. The hands are great - they are in no way ‘par hands’ and include some interesting and exciting bidding misunderstandings, psyches and misplays. Your members will have the opportunity to bid better than Markus, play better than Flint and defend better than Collings!


MEMBERS SUCCESSES (or otherwise)



Peter Lee reports that the Mayfield has offered opportunities to other Clubs to excel this year.


Mayfield A lost in round 6 of the NICKO to a Horsham team that had two other Mayfield members in it - Richard Fedrick and Rob Zijlstra.


Peter’s Crockford’s team which also includes Bob Rowlands lost by 5 imps in a match when winning would have got us through to the Final (8 teams).




Victor Ludorum                  Peter Lee


Lady Rose Cup                   Runner-up  Peter Lee’s team


Mary Edwards                    2nd   Mayfield (Alan Bailey, Roy Smith)


Wanborough Cup 6th    Mayfield

(Roger Sugden, Helen Seymour, Mary Street, Rosemary Rice)


Surrey Affiliated League Division 1 – 1st  Mayfield A

(Liz Phillips, Tim Cook, Peter & Margaret Lee)

Division 2 – 2nd Mayfield C (Ann Madden, David Dick, Mary Street, Adrian Patrick, Lucia Grant, Phil Brookes)


AGM Swiss Pairs     2nd -            Liz Phillips & Peter Lee

                                    4th -            Jill Leslie and Peggy Moir




Mayfield Teams 1st   -   Sean O'Neill, Liz Phillips, John Frosztega, Peter &  Margaret Lee

2nd   -   Roger Sugden, Helen Seymour, Mary Street & Joan Cullen



Norman Cup                1st   -   Alan Bailey & Roy Smith

2nd  - Audrey Grzesiak & Hazel Farmer equal with

Roger Sugden & Helen Seymour


Dorothy Williamson 1st   -  Chris Pullan, Terry Kedgley, John Lockyer & Julian Hemstead
2nd   -
Liz Phillips, Tim Cook, Bernard Pike & Arun Suri


Mixed Pairs                 1st    -   Arun Suri & Liz Phillips

                                    2nd    -   John Osborne & Audrey Grzesiak


Men’s Pairs                 1st    -   John Timberlake & Rene Price
2nd    -  
Malcolm Channing & Ron Maclaren


Ladies’ Pairs                1st    -  Gwen Easto & Olivia Dawson

                                 2nd   -   Denny Wade & Liz Phillips



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It was very sad to report that Pam Southon passed away peacefully in her sleep at Easter. It was a great shock to us all coming less than six months after Peter.


§ ¨ © ª Annual General Meeting § ¨ © ª


It was nice to see so many members at the Annual General Meeting in April. Despite starting late because of the overrunning Ballet Class we still managed to finish by 7.40pm and this gave us time for an evening’s Bridge.


After serving on the Committee for 19 years Joan Underdown decided to retire and although she was not at the Meeting a presentation was made to her a week later.


Mary Street who had been co-opted onto the Committee following the departure of Peter and Pam Southon also decided that she did not wish to continue, which left us with two vacancies (Terry Kedgley, the other co-opted member, decided to offer himself for election). Andrew Barnett, one of our more regular Friday members was proposed and duly elected, leaving a vacancy on the Committee.


The Committee decided that rather than press gang someone that they would leave the vacancy. This leaves the Committee very unbalanced with Rosemary the only lady amongst nine men. So come on Ladies, we need new blood on the Committee and if you feel able to serve please let either Rosemary or me know and we will arrange for you to be co-opted for the rest of the year.


§ ¨ © ª The Dorothy Williamson Teams § ¨ © ª


This year we ran the Dorothy Williamson Teams Cup as a Handicap Multiple Teams in an attempt to stop the decreasing numbers. The numbers did increase slightly and the feedback we received showed that this format was liked, with most Teams thinking they had a chance of winning.


§ ¨ © ª Attendances § ¨ © ª


The attendance for most our Championship events have been very poor this year, the worst being the Men’s Pairs where there were only seven pairs. We would welcome any ideas on how the numbers can be increased.


§ ¨ © ª Calendar § ¨ © ª


The Calendar Cards issued with this Newsletter show a departure from our usual events. We will not be holding a Heat of the EBU Simultaneous Pairs in September. Instead we will be holding a heat of the London County Simultaneous Pairs on 26th September. This event is being organised by Roger Morton and there details elsewhere in the Newsletter.


§ ¨ © ª Announcements § ¨ © ª


As from 1st August the EBU have decided to replace some of bids we alert by the Announcements. Included in the Newsletter is a copy of the summary sheet issued by the EBU. We would ask everyone to try to follow the new procedures and to the more experienced to show patience with more forgetful amongst us and gently remind us when necessary. Although it seems a big change I am confident that within three months it will be second nature to all of us.


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Peter Southon, as Chief Tournament Director, performed the role of organising the events, getting notices on the board, publcising events, together with either performing all the Director’s tasks on Tuesday evenings or organising a list of directors for any evening when he was unable to attend.


A hard act to follow and, needless to say, it has not been possible to persuade anyone to take over the role of Chief Tournament Director.  Accordingly, for the time being, the Committee has decided to split the role of Chief Tournament Director. 


Ron Maclaren has been persuaded to oversee the organisation and publicity and to maintain a list of volunteers for the directing tasks alongside the organisation of the Host list.


In regard to the directing tasks performed by the Tournament Director on Tuesday evenings, a different person may be responsible for each of the following tasks:

a)                  the movement and organisation of the boards

b)                  directing the bridge for the evening (i.e. checking that the movement is followed correctly, maintaining the schedule and monitoring of slow tables)

c)                  the ruling of infringements


Some members, such as Malcolm Channing, Chris Pullan, Geoff Whitehead and Sylvia Timberlake, are competent in all 3 roles and one of these four will usually be available to look after a) and c).


To ease the workload we need volunteers to perform task b) on this basis.  PLEASE would members willing to undertake task b) put their name forward to Ron Maclaren.


Some of the more experienced members are also capable of taking on task c) and it is hoped that there may also be volunteers who come forward on occasions to handle both tasks b) and c) – essential in the absence of Malcolm, Chris, Geoff and Sylvia.


The Committee feel that, if a member was willing to direct in either capacity at least 3 times over the year, then that member would not be required to act as host under the host system.