NEWSLETTER NO 40 - July 2004


The 20th Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on 11 May 2004. On the retirement of John Timberlake as Chairman, there was the excitement of an election for the post and the result of the ballot between Dick Clark, Malcolm Channing and Rosemary Rice was a win for Malcolm. John welcomed him as the new Chairman and wished him every success. The Treasurer, David Dick, also retired and Chris Pullan was elected in his place. The following were also elected to the Committee: Pam Southon (Secretary), Peter Lee (Captain), Peter Southon (Chief Director), Sylvia Clark, Ron Maclaren, Rosemary Rice, Roger Sugden, Sylvia Timberlake and Joan Underdown.

The trophies were presented by Peter Lee as follows:

Norman Cup Roy Smith and Alan Bailey
Mayfield Teams CupLiz Phillips, Sean O'Neill, Peter Lee, JOhn Frosztega and Roger Morton
Mayfield CupLiz Phillips
Mayfield Handicap CupBob Canning
Kath Coward CupPhillip Brooks
Kath Coward Handicap CupRosemary Lyttle
Mens PairsRoger Sugden and Tony Belton
Ladies PairsMary Street and Rosemary Rice
Mixed PairsJill Leslie and Tim Cook
Committee CupKeith Jackson and George Foot
Liz Phillips CupSean O'Neill and Tony Lunn
Dorothy Williamson CupChris Pullan, Mike Cowley, Terry Kedgley and John Lockyer
Pro-Am CupJohn Underdown and Pam Cox

John Timberlake announced that, following the very sad death of Tony Lunn, his widow Philippa had wanted to present a trophy in his memory. Peter Lee and Sean O’Neill had had talks with both the EBU and Surrey CBA but both had said that they were overloaded with trophies. The idea of having a Mayfield shield to commemorate the club winners of major EBU events such as the Gold Cup was then suggested. This seemed very appropriate as Tony had figured in many of these and this idea had been agreed.

Life membership was given to John Timberlake for his 20 years as Chairman of the Club and to Kathleen Hewitt who, despite her advanced years, happily turns out on a Friday night in the middle of her supper to make up a half table.


It has been agreed to put a suitably edited version of these on the web site. As the site is open to all the world anything that might be very private to the Club such as the accounts will be edited out.


It was gratifying to see so many members at the AGM in May and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking the time to attend and vote. I would also like to thank Martin Trouse and Bob Canning for acting as Tellers.

John Timberlake, our previous Chairman, served twenty years and managed to keep his enthusiasm throughout this period playing a large part in the Club’s reformation and two changes of venue, whilst keeping the Club’s playing standard at a high level. I can assure you that I will not be serving twenty years and I am already having my fears realised as to the amount of work involved in being Chairman. I see the way forward as promoting the Mayfield as a friendly Club with a good standard of play especially on a Tuesday.

The one thing I would like to see improved is the attendance on a Friday evenings, which at present is averaging between five and six tables. The bridge is of a more variable standard than Tuesdays but is even friendlier. So if you are at a loose end one Friday just pop along, with or without a partner, and give it a try as there is always a host and usually a few people without partners as on Fridays we are far more relaxed about people using the Host System on a regular basis.

Sylvia Clark has tendered her resignation so there is now a vacancy on the Committee. In these circumstances it would be usual for the Committee to co-opt a member, but as the saying goes ‘one volunteer is better than ten pressed men’ (or women) the Committee have decided to ask for a volunteer. So if you would like to offer your services please see either Pam or Malcolm before the end of the August.

At the AGM there was a discussion about the rotation of Committee members and it was agreed that this would be discussed at the next Committee Meeting. On looking into this it was found that you have to go back to 1997 to find the last time we had the same Committee for two years.

The Committee feel that it would nice to have fresh blood each year but felt it would be unwise to change the Rules of the Club to insist on a change every year. In the past there have been occasions where members of the Committee have continued to serve because they felt that there would be no one willing to replace them. One member of the Committee has already stated their intention to retire from the Committee at the next AGM.

In future any anticipated vacancies will be notified to the Club Membership in the January newsletter, which should give plenty of time for Members to consider their willingness to put themselves forward for the Committee and arrange for the necessary proposer and seconder.


Committee & Liz Phillips Cups - Tue 17.8.04. Last year the 2 sections were amalgamated as there were so few entries for the Committee Cup. You are all too highly ranked. It has been decided that this is not a completely fair event run this way and there will definitely be 2 separate sections this year.

EBU Simultaneous Pairs - Tue 14.9.04.

Friday 19 November 2004 - NO BRIDGE.

Christmas Party - Tue 14.12.04

Friday 24 December 2004 - NO BRIDGE.

Friday 31 December 2004 - NO BRIDGE.

The Club will not be holding a heat of the National Pairs this year due to lack of entries last season.



NICKOPeter Lee’s team lost in the last 8 to John Collings’ team by ONE IMP! Going into the last 8 boards the Mayfield were ahead but, just like England against France, they lost in the dying moments.
NICKO PLATEBernard Pike’s team lost in the first round of the main event and so qualified to play in the Plate. They are now in the semi-finals and we wish then luck in the next round.
Garden Cities 4th Mayfield
Sussex Cup 1st Keith Jackson and partner


Victor Ludorum Liz Phillips
Aileen Filose 3rd Pam Cox and partner
Mens Pairs 1st Peter Southon and partner
Wanborough Cup 1st Steve Bourton’s team representing Guildford.
Golf-Bridge Cup 3rd Pam Cox and partner
Metropolitan Cup 1st Surrey - Margaret and Peter Lee, Sean O’Neill, John Frosztega and team


Mixed Pairs 1st Denny Wade, Sean O’Neill
2nd Ulla & Bengt Adilz
Ladies Pairs 1st Liz Phillips, Angela Forsyth
2nd Ulla Adilz, Joyce Munns
Mens Pairs 1st John Cruickshank, Tony Turnage
= 2nd Chris Pullan, Mike Cowley
John Lockyer, Terry Kedgley
Dorothy Williamson 1st Mike Stilwell, Ann Madden, Philip Brooks, Norman Grant
2nd The Southons and the Timberlakes


Members are entitled to enter a team in either of the above competitions and should let Peter Lee (020 8642 2970) know if they wish to enter a team in the NICKO. Pam Southon (01306 881872) should be advised if they wish to enter the Affiliated League. The entries for the NICKO have to be in by August and for the Affiliated League by September.


At lunchtime with nothing else to do I sometimes wander over to watch the “lunchtime crew” this is often amusing and sometimes even educational. The number of points held is as important as the bridge itself. The system played is old-fashioned Acol with the Multi, as someone once read a bridge book and thought it was a good idea. The same book contained transfer bids but these were dismissed as too likely to lead to misunderstandings.

The game was in full flow and it was game all when East dealt this hand:-

ª K 2
© A K Q J 8 7 6 5 4
¨ A 9
§ ---
ª 8 3 ª Q 9 7 2
© 3 2 © 10
¨ 6 5 2 ¨ K 8 3
§ Q J 8 7 5 2 § A K 10 6 3
ª AJ 10 6 5
© 9
¨ Q J 10 7 4
§ 9 4

The Bidding proceeded:-

West North East South
1§ Pass
2§ 3§ Pass 3¨
4§ 4© Pass 4ª
Pass 5¨ Pass Pass

At South’s final pass, North erupted, “How can anyone who has been playing Bridge for more than two minutes pass 5¨ ?” He then proceeded at some considerable length to explain the cleverness of his bidding. The 3§ bid was equivalent to an Acol 2§ opening, the 3¨ bid was a denial bid the same as 2¨ over a 2§ opening, 4© set the suit and thus 4ª was a cue-bid agreeing Hearts and 5¨ was a further cue-bid.

From South’s point of view 3§showed a good two suiter, 3¨ was an attempt to find the suit, 4© showed the majors, 4>ª being preference and 5¨ was…. Well he wasn’t sure it was either a cue bid agreeing Spades, which he thought unlikely so it was probably the red suits with longer Hearts than Diamonds.

The frank exchange of views was brought to a conclusion some minutes later when West led the §Q, which was ruffed in dummy and the ¨A cashed. The © A and the © K were played with East ruffing low and South overruffing. Trumps were then played and when in with ¨K, East played a Spade, but South won with ªA, drew Trumps and played a Spade to ªK and claimed six.

Both sides were happy, North/South because they had made rubber and East/West because they felt they had a lucky escape as 6© or 7© could have been made.


The Committee has a members list of e-mail addresses so that we know who to print information for and who can view it on our web site. If you think that we may not have your address, please let Sylvia Timberlake know. Also, it seems that members frequently change their e-mail addresses and it would be appreciated if you would let Sylvia know of any changes. Thank you.


It is hoped to be able to print the travellers on the web site but until this is possible and for those who do not have access to the web site the travellers for the previous duplicate will be kept at the front of the results book. The ones prior to that are kept in monthly envelopes in the cabinet in the store room.


Members may have been curious as to why their direct debit EBU subscription was deducted as normal and then a further 50p was taken a month later. Apparently the EBU did not inform the banks that there had been an increase in the subscription and so the extra 50p was deducted later.


This year the EBU are supplying these free of charge but there will be no separate competitions entry book. It will all be incorporated in the diary.

Mixed Pairs - 18 May 2004

On May 18, the Mixed Pairs event was played. 26 pairs competed and it was won by Denny Wade and Sean O’Neill.

One of the advantages of being a non-playing director is that you can watch some of the bridge and it can be quite instructive.

The most interesting hand I saw was this:

Dealer Northª Q x x x
NS Vul© A K J 10 x x x
¨ x x
§ ---
ª x ª A x x
© Q x © x x
¨ A K Q J 10 x x ¨ x x x
§ K x x § Q x x x x
ª K J 10 x x
© x x
¨ x
§ A J 10 x x

I would have liked to follow it all the way round but I did see it played four times.

One typical sequence went 1 heart, pass, 1 spade, 5 diamonds and North really has no option but to bid 5 spades. The play is for South to trump the second round of Diamonds, eliminate trumps and play on Hearts. Contract made.

One South, who was attracted by the idea of a Club ruff after playing the Ace, got caught by the 3-1 spade break and finally lost a Club having been stranded in hand. So don’t be tempted by ruffs when there is a good suit to set up.

One North chose to pre-empt 3 Hearts first in hand. This did not work out well as, not surprisingly, South passed and West bid 4 Diamonds which was passed out. Even without an error in defence that let this make, it would have been a poor result for NS. And the instructive point, don’t pre-empt with a four card major (especially as, in this case, there are enough points to open 1 Heart).

Chris Pullan
19 May 2004

REPRINT of the Andrew Robson’s bridge column that appeared in the Times of 13th March 2004.
Reproduced by kind Permission of Andrew Robson

Chess and Bridge are closely connected - being by far the two most popular mind sports. But there are fundamental differences. Bridge is played with a partner; chess not. Bridge is played with hidden cards, every deal different; chess is played on an open board laid out identically for each game.

Agility of mind and experience are factors in both, but the former is more important than the latter in chess. Many top chess players are in their teens and early twenties.

Experience (of human nature as well as recognising familiar situations within the game) counts for far more in bridge. There is a partner with whom to co-operate and two opponents to beguile. You rarely find a top bridge player under 30, and many continue to improve well into their sixties (and beyond).

It is hardly surprising that only one person - Peter Lee from Surrey - has won both the British Chess Championship and the Gold Cup (effectively the British bridge championship).

Backing up our reflections on age-related skills of the two games, Lee won his chess victory in 1965, aged 21, but has only just won the Gold Cup, aged 60. You can read more about his chess victory in Ray Keene’s column, but here is Lee at the bridge table.

Dealer Northª A 9 3
NS Vul© A 6
¨ K J 8
§ A K J 3 2
ª 4 ª Q J 10 8 7 6 5
© 9 5 4 © K 2
¨ Q 7 6 5 4 3 2 ¨ 10 9
§ 5 4 § Q 6
ª K 2
© Q J 10 8 7 3
¨ A
§ 10 9 8 7
West North East South
2NT 3§ 6© Pass
Pass Pass

Declarer won West’s four of spades opening lead with the king and reflected that if he ran the queen of trumps and it lost to East’s king, East, likely to have seven spades for his overcall, would give West a spade ruff. At Trick Two he cashed the ace of diamonds, crossed to the ace of trumps and discarded his second spade on the king of diamonds. He then led a second trump.

East won his king of trumps and persisted with the queen of spades but declarer ruffed high (West discarding) and drew West’s third trump. Faced with the task of guessing the location of the queen of clubs, declarer crossed to the ace of clubs (no queen) and reflected that East had seven spades, two hearts and had followed to two diamonds and one club. That left just one card - either a third Diamond or a club.

Lee found an ingeniously simple way of finding out what that 13th card was. He ruffed the jack of diamonds. When East discarded, he was known to be 7222. Declarer led a club to dummy’s king, knowing East’s queen would drop. Twelve tricks and slam made.

Copyright Andrew Robson and The Times

HOST LIST - for Tuesdays

Aug 3Joan CullenSep 7Roger Morton Oct 5Audrey Randall
Aug 10 Norman GrantSep 14EBU Sim Pairs - No HostOct 12Ulla Udilz
Aug 17Cttee & Liz Phillips Cups - No Host Sep 21Pro-Am Cup - No Host Oct 19Liz Balnave
Aug 24Laszlo MagosSep 28Liz PhillipsOct 28Bob Canning
Aug 31Committee Pair for Pick-Up Teams

Nov 2

Tim Cook

Dec 7

John Lockyer
Nov 9Trevor MunnsDec 14PARTY NIGHT - No Host
Nov 16Lucia GrantDec 21Ann Madden
Nov 23Audrey GrzesiakDec 28Peggy Moir
Nov 30Committee Pair for Pick-Up Teams

Ron Maclaren (020 8777 7953) has taken over the administration of the Host List from Malcolm Channing. Please note the date in your diary and let Ron know early if you are unable to fulfil this duty and cannot find a substitute to do so. On the evening concerned please report to the Director and pair up any players without partners. As host you do not pay table money and if you have to go home you get a free play voucher.

There is also a Friday host list so please take advantage of this if you are at a loose end on a Friday. It is a very relaxing enjoyable evening.

© Copyright Mayfield Duplicate Bridge Club 2004