The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on Tuesday, 23 April 2002, and 52 members attended. The dancing class, which hires the hall before us, very kindly finished at 6.50pm so that we could start as promptly as possible. The reports were taken as read as they had been displayed on the notice board beforehand. The only matter arising concerned the feasibility of a dealing machine and this had been dealt with and reported in Newsletter No 34 a year ago. One of our web site organisers, Jim Grant, moved to Plymouth and had to resign from the Committee. Roger Sugden was welcomed to the Committee as his replacement and there being no other nominations the other members of the Committee were re-elected en bloc. Martin Trouse was thanked for auditing the accounts and re-elected as Hon Auditor for 2002/3.

Margaret Lee announced that her team (herself, Peter Lee, Sean O'Neill, Tony Lunn, Liz Phillips and Bob Rowlands) had won the Lady Rose and would represent Surrey in the Pachabo Cup. She then presented the trophies as follows:

Norman Cup:Roger Morton, John Frosztega
Mayfield Tms Cup:Rosemary Rice, Helen Seymour, Roger Sugden, Tony Belton
Ladies Pairs: Angela Samuelson, Sylvia Timberlake
Mens Pairs:Tony Lunn, Peter Lee
Liz Phillips Cup:Tony Turnage, John Cruickshank
Committee Cup: Ulla & Bengt Adilz
D Williamson Tms:Liz Phillips, Sean O'Neill, Roger Morton, Bernard Pike, Arun Suri
Mayfield Cup:Roger Morton
Mayfield H'cap:Tony Borman
Kath Coward Cup:Peter Southon
Kath Coward H'cap: Phil Brooks
Mixed Pairs: Angela Samuelson, René Price
Pro-Am Cup:Julia Brough, Peggy Moir

The Chairman thanked Helen Seymour for getting the trophies engraved in time for the AGM.

Sadly, he reported the sudden death of Ian Tomlinson and that of Melvin Nicholson in a traffic accident.

Rule 11 was amended to read 'Visitors may play at the Club, subject to Committee approval, and shall pay a visitor's fee. A visitor may not attend on more than 4 Tuesdays per year.'

In 'Any Other Business', it was agreed to continue to hold a heat of the Jubilee Pairs: that all teams nights, apart from club competitions, would be pick-up teams: that the Committee would look into holding those competitions that take up 2 Tuesdays on the equivalent Tuesday in consecutive months: that the Dorothy Williamson format will depend on the number of entries as Swiss teams can only be run with a minimum number of 14 teams.


Pam Southon has ordered a quantity of EBU diaries for the 2002/03 season which will be available in early August. Price £3.30 each. As Pam will be away for much of August, Rosemary Rice will be in charge of selling the diaries to members.

MEMBERS SUCCESSES - not previously announced


Ladies Pairs 3rd Liz Phillips, Pam Southon
Nicko hopefully in the final Peter & Margaret Lee, Bob Rowlands, Sean O'Neill, Tony Lunn


B'mouth Sw Tms 1st Peter Lee, Bob Rowlands and team
Jersey - Mixed Pairs 2nd Sylvia & John Timberlake with 69.89%! Shame!
Eastbourne Senior Prs 3rd John Cruickshank, Tony Turnage


Lady Rose 1st Peter & Margaret Lee, Bob Rowlands, Sean O'Neill, Tony Lunn, Liz Phillips
Affiliated Clubs Tm of 8 1st Peter Lee, Liz Phillips, Bernard Pike, Arun Suri, Sean O'Neill, Tony Lunn, Rolf Alexander, Angela Forsyth
Ladies Swiss Tms 2nd Audrey Grzesiak, Hazel Farmer and team
3rd Jean Davies, Sylvia Timberlake and team
Ranked Prs - Reg/P Reg 1st Julia Brough, Steve Bourton
Aileen Filose (Ladies Prs) 1st Julia Brough and partner
3rd Pam Cox and partner
Swiss Teams 3rd Peggy Griffin, Lady Peggy Moir, John Cruickshank, Tony Turnage
Affiliated Clubs League
Central Div 1
1st Mayfield A
County Lg Div I 1st Tim Cook and team


Ladies Pairs 1st Angela Samuelson, Sylvia Timberlake
2nd Peggy Griffin, Lady Peggy Moir
Mens Pairs 1st Peter Southon, Mike Stilwell
2nd Phil Brooks, Laszlo Magos
Dorothy Williamson 1st John Davies, Jill Leslie, Ron Maclaren, Malcolm Channing, Tim Cook, Roy Smith
2nd Liz Phillips, Bernard Pike, Roger Morton, Arun Suri
Mixed Pairs 1st Kath Coward, Geoff Whitehead
R/Up Helen Seymour, Roger Sugden


Congratulations to Kath and Geoff on winning the Club Mixed Pairs. For Kath it was an early birthday present as she was 93 two days later. How marvellous to win a trophy at such a good age - well done Kath. Such is the joy of bridge, as I would not think that there is another 'sport' in which this could be achieved.


Anticipated congratulations to Peter Lee's team on hopefully reaching the final of the NICKO competition, if by a somewhat circuitous route. Unfortunately the last 4 boards of the semi-final against E Midlands A were played the wrong way round in one room. The teams tried to get a ruling from the EBU but could not get in touch with anyone there and then, so they agreed to play 4 more boards. Mayfield ended up winning, although they would have lost narrowly if the extra boards had not been played. When they finally got through to the EBU to explain the position the ruling was that Mayfield had won. However E Midlands appealed and a ruling had to be made by Max Bavin. The matter is still not finally resolved but Max will be advising the other team that the rules are that the 4 boards should be replayed and, although they can appeal, a favourable decision for them might be unlikely. Our fingers are crossed that Peter's team has actually won and wish them good luck in the final.


The new Fixture Card for the full season is now available.
Get yourself entered or prepared for the following events up to the end of the January 2003:

Tue 30 JulPick-Up Teams Night
Tue 20 Aug Committee & Liz Phillips Cups
Tue 17 Sep EBU Simultaneous Pairs
Tue 24 Sep Pro-Am Night
Tue 29 Oct Pick-Up Teams Night
Fri 15 Nov NO BRIDGE
Tue 3 Dec Jubilee Pairs
Tue 10 Dec Party Night (Cocktails 6.30, Bridge 7.15)
Tue 24 Dec NO BRIDGE
Tue 31 Dec NO BRIDGE
Tue 14 Jan Nat Prs Heat + Open Prs

All Teams Nights are now Pick-Up Teams so there is no need for you to search around for another pair. There will be a host pair so you are assured of a team.

Committee and Liz Phillips Cups - Tue 21 Aug. As last year, the Committee Cup will be for Regional Masters and below and the Liz Phillips Cup will be for Premier Regional Masters and above. Please make sure that you enter the right flight.

Friday 15 November - Please note that there is no bridge that evening as the church has a long-standing booking. Put it in your diaries now to avoid turning up and being disappointed.

FREE! Christmas Party Night - Tue 10 December. Once again, as last year, this party will be provided without charge. There will have to be a limit of 18 tables, so the first 36 pairs to sign up will be able to play and there will be a reserve list for any other pairs in case of drop-outs! So the message is get your names up early. Just because it is free, do not think that you can put your name up and not turn up on the day (except of course in exceptional circumstances), as that would be unfair to those on the waiting list and create a half table which is impossible in a teams event! Please let the organiser, whose name will be on the sign-up list, know if you are unable to come as early as possible. Thank you.

National Pairs Heat - Tue 14 January 2003. Please put your names up early for this and all other events as this makes it much easier for the organisers. There will be open pairs for those not wishing to play in this green-pointed event.


The suggestion at the Annual General Meeting that events taking up 2 nights should be run on the equivalent Tuesday in subsequent months has been taken on board. You will see from the fixture card that the Norman Cup and Mayfield Teams Cup will take place on equivalent Tuesdays in February and March. The Dorothy Williamson, whichever format is used, will be played in July when there is a 5th Tuesday which will be used for the second night. This will be an experiment for the 2002/03 season.


½ set of boards (1-16) in orange plastic folders
1 pr black Driving Gloves
1 black and grey check Telescopic Umbrella
1 pr brown Driving Gloves
1 brown check Scarf
1 grey check scarf
If these are not claimed within 2 months they will be disposed of. Anyone interested in the articles after 1 October should apply to Sylvia.


and there's one on FRIDAY too!
Tuesday list to end of September:

August 6 Phil Brooks
August 13 Steve Bourton
August 20 Committee & Liz Phillips Cups
August 27 Julia Brough
September 3 Joan Cullen
September 10 Jean Davies
September 17 Simultaneous Pairs
September 24 Pro-Am Night

Please advise Malcolm Channing (01372 811949) as early as possible if you have to cancel your duty date for any reason. Sylvia Timberlake (020 8642 8012) keeps the list for Fridays on which the Committee have guaranteed to act as hosts with voluntary help from other Friday regulars.


Please check your number and let Sylvia know if it is incorrect.


Please let Sylvia know if the Committee are unaware of your e-mail address. At present this is only for the information of the Committee and is used to send out the Annual General Meeting notice and subscription form and to know for whom to print Newsletters. If your Newsletter is in an envelope and you are on the net it means that your address is unknown to the Committee. The Committee is considering making the list available to all members as it could be quite useful for fixing partner play dates and matches. However, if any member would prefer their address not to be on this list, please let Sylvia know by Christmas.


Liz got a write-up in the EBU magazine for her achievements in the National Ladies Pairs pre-empting our own intention to heap praise on her. She has won this event no less than 4 times, been second twice and this year she was third. Well done Liz!. Pam Southon shares part of this achievement as she has partnered Liz for at least the last 12 years and has 1 win, 2 seconds and a third to her credit. Well done to you too Pam!


Malcolm Channing relates an amusing incident that he heard of:

David Burn was playing in a high-level teams competition, which meant that screens were placed diagonally across the table so that a player could only see one opponent, and was hidden from the other opponent and his own partner.

A competitive bidding sequence led to David Burn's partner bidding 2NT, not a problem you might think but David thought for a while then summoned the Tournament Director. He inquired whether he was allowed to ask who he was partnering as he had forgotten and with one partner 2NT was a conventional bid and with another it was natural.

The Tournament Director consulted the Laws and surprisingly it was not covered, so he ruled that David Burn didn't have the right to ask who he was partnering, but suggested he refer the case to the EBU's Laws and Ethics Committee, the Chairman of which was ……… David Burn!


Since the last Newsletter a notebook has been purchased in which to note when members borrow either or both of these items. The Committee are very happy for members to borrow them but realise that they cannot trace them if members inadvertently forget to return them. Just ask a Committee member for the book to sign for them out and in. Thank you.


It would be appreciated if, on a Tuesday night, members do not make their own refreshment. Kirsty is a very competent young lady and if you require your refreshment made in a particular way she is only too willing to do it for you.


One Friday in early July it was delightful to see a young girl of 12½ turn up and kibitz. She was Natalie, the granddaughter of Peter and Pam Southon who was staying with them for the night and was interested to come and see a club duplicate session. Not only was it great to see a younger person at the Club but she then gave Pam and Peter an unsolicited card which she had designed, which is now displayed on the board and which I will describe to you.

The front cover reads 'THANX 4 HAVING ME!' and is adorned with the 4 card symbols together with the words King, Queen, Jack and a clown. On the inside front cover she has designed a new playing card with BC in each corner, BRIDGE CLUB diagonally across the centre and a male and female face either side of this. (They bear a distinct likeness to Grandma and Grandpa!). The opposite middle page reads:

To all the bridge club on Fridays

Thanx 4 having me, I really enjoyed it,
I hope I can come back one day and actually play!

Lots of


Natalie (Pam and Peter's granddaughter)

Now wasn't that just super. Thanx Natalie we'd © to see U any time.


With apologies to that well known author, broadcaster, wit and reciter of monologues whose name is on the tip of my tongue.

A few days ago, I was leafing through the 'Dictionary of Quotations' as one does - I trust that impresses those of you who, like my son-in-law, are convinced that the only books I ever look at are bridge books - I was in said son-in-law's library - well bookshelf actually - strange no bridge books, but then he doesn't play, even though he's very intelligent - hasn't got the time, I suppose, too busy making money. Where was I? Oh yes, deep into the 1000 page tome, I can recommend it, ideal companion for your Horlicks, OK with brandy too, if a trifle heavy for reading in bed - dammit! I've lost the thread again! Ah, I remember, I was thinking, we play in a church hall, St John's, you know maybe He said something which would serve as a CLUB MOTTO - not that He played bridge, of course, it hadn't been invented 2000 years ago, their bad luck - no doubt He would have done if it had been - after all, He did have a ready made four, didn't He? Sure enough, there it was, John VIII verse 7, made to order! Inspired, I dug a bit deeper, and found Matthew VII verse 3, same idea, really, if a bit wordy, so I'm certain he, too, would have played, given half a chance. Best of all, brief and to the point is Matthew VII verse 1, so that gets my vote for the CLUB MOTTO.

John VIII verse 7 He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.
Matthew VII verse 3 Why beholdest thou the mote in they brother's eye, but considerest not the beam in thine own?
Matthew VII verse 1 Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Peter Southon

PS I think I mean Alan Bennett - let's hope he never sees this.

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