The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Club will take place on the above date at St John's Church Hall starting at 7.00pm followed by bridge at 7.40pm. The format will be as usual with the Officers' reports being posted on the notice board in advance of the Meeting and hopefully being taken as read at the Meeting. Please advise the Secretary, Pam Southon, of any business that you wish to be raised at the meeting at least one week in advance of 23 APRIL 2002, otherwise it may not be possible to include it in the agenda. A copy of last year's minutes has been available at the club for the past 8 months and will remain so until the Meeting. If you require an individual copy please speak to Pam Southon. The accounts will be available at the Meeting.

Members are reminded that if they wish to propose an amendment to any of the rules it must be given to the Club Secretary 4 weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting - the date for this year is 26 March 2002.

There will be no table money to pay at the AGM - a FREE EVENING


Jubilee Pairs - Your thoughts will be invited at the AGM as to whether you wish the club to continue to run a heat of this Surrey event. Whilst the Committee are happy to continue, there is quite a lot of paperwork involved for them and a very small qualification ratio for you. This year only 3 pairs qualified out of an entry of 13 pairs.

Teams Nights - the number of entries for these evenings has been dropping. It was wondered if this might be because members realise too late that they have to organise a team? For this reason the Committee have been running more pick-up teams. Is this what you prefer? Do let any committee member know your feelings or voice them at the AGM.


Norman Cup (Club Pairs Championship) - heat, 5 February: 7 table final, 19 February. Non-competing pairs may also take part on the qualifying night and on the night of the final there will be the usual duplicate for those members who did not qualify for the final so THERE WILL BE BRIDGE FOR ALL ON BOTH NIGHTS. The winners of the Norman Cup will represent the Club in the Mary Edwards Cup which will take place on Sunday 26 May at 2.00pm at the Wimbledon Bridge Club.

Mayfield Teams Cup (Club Teams Championship) - 5 and 19 March. This is a team of 4 competition and each team may have up to 6 players from which the team may be picked. Please put your names up as early as possible on the entry list so that Peter Southon as Director can be prepared for the movement he has to use. Thank you. The winners of the Mayfield Teams Cup will represent the Club in the Wanborough Cup on Sunday 19 May at 2.00pm at the Wimbledon Bridge Club.

Note: Both these events attract bonus master points as they are Club Championships

Dorothy Williamson Swiss Teams - Tuesday 14 and 28 May. This event proves a difficulty when there are less than 14 teams so it has been decided that with 14 teams or more then a Swiss Teams will be played. Should there be less than this then a Multiple Teams will be played on the first evening with the top 5 teams going through to a Multiple Teams Final on the second night. This would be run alongside an open pairs evening for those that did not qualify, so there would still be bridge for all on that night. Please put your names on the entry list which is on the notice board as early as possible. Up to 6 players may be used in the team so that if your full team is not available for both nights then it is still possible to play. However if your team plays on the first date then it is imperative that it is available to play on the second date. If problems arise during the 2 weeks you should telephone Peter Southon.

30 April - Note that, in view of the plethora of teams evenings in March and April, this will be an ordinary pairs evening even though it is a 5th Tuesday.


Pro-Am Night - Tuesday 25 September 2001: Once again Margaret Lee organised a very successful evening which was won by Julia Brough and Peggy Moir with 68.80% and the runners-up were Bill Heasman and Liz Phillips with a measly 66.86%!

Xmas Party Night - Tuesday 12 December 2001: According to your comments another extremely enjoyable evening. Pam Southon masterminded the refreshments and, apart from the sandwiches, supplied and prepared everything. John Timberlake organised the booze and those of you who partook of the red wine will have noticed the superior quality thanks to a Sainsbury's error. They supplied Clavet instead of Claret which had been ordered and it cost twice as much! John didn't notice this until he was checking through the bill and, when making the returns of unopened bottles and the glasses, he pointed out their mistake. As they had the original copy of the order they duly repaid the difference in price and so we enjoyed the expensive wine for half the price! Thank you Sainsbury's.


It was with great delight that we welcomed Raymond and Mary Coninx as our first new members via our website. Many of you will not have met them as they are primarily interested in playing on a Friday and, just before Christmas, Mary underwent a replacement joint operation. We trust that she is recovering well.


New Members

We would like to welcome three new members, Joan Cullen, Raymond and Mary Coninx



Gold Cup 2001 Peter Lee's team (Bob Rowlands, Tony Lunn, Sean O'Neill + 2) lost in the semi-final
NICKO Peter Lee's team in 4th round having beaten 2 very good teams
Autumn Congress 3rd     Peter Lee and Bob Rowlands in the 2 Stars Pairs Final
1st     Peggy Moir and Peggy Griffin and partners in the Green Section of the Sussex Teams Cup


County Pairs Final=3rd     Vi Smith and partner
5th     Ron Maclaren and Malcolm Channing
These pairs will almost certainly be asked to represent Surrey in the EBU Corwen Trophy. 14 club members played in the final.
Mixed Pairs Final2nd     Peter and Margaret Lee
3rd     Mike Stilwell and Ann Madden
Tollemache CupPeter Lee and Bob Rowlands will represent Surrey in this year's Final in which they helped Surrey to qualify.


This is run by Malcolm Channing on Tuesdays and Sylvia Timberlake on Fridays. Please let them know early if you are unable to fill your allotted slot. The decision to give a free play voucher to a host who has to go home has been welcomed. Please do not forget to ask for the voucher as quite often Committee Members are busy and may not realise that a member has gone home.

Below is the Tuesday night list to the end of May

5 Feb Norman Cup Heat 2 Apr Camilla Blackburn
12 Feb Sean O'Neill 9 Apr Joan Burn
19 Feb Shirley Preuveneers 16 Apr Olivia Dawson
26 Feb Roy Smith 23 Apr Gwen Easto
5 Mar Mayfield Tms Cup 30 Apr Hazel Keith
12 Mar Dorothy Wharton 7 May Audrey Kolbe
19 Mar Mayfield Tms Cup 14 May DW Teams
26 Mar Tony Belton 21 May Jean Law
28 May DW Teams


Members are advised that they are not permitted to enter the hall before 7.15pm at which time the ballet school should have vacated the premises.


Yes that old chestnut again! We do seem to suffer more than most clubs in this respect. So, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, a prompt start will be made at 7.40pm, the bell will be rung for the move and if you have not started your last board it will be taken away and an average score awarded. Members are asked to try to arrive by 7.30pm to enable the prompt start to be achieved.


A number of bidding boxes have gone walk-about. If by any chance you have borrowed some for a match and have inadvertently forgotten to return them, please do so now. We realise that we should keep a record of the loan of these boxes, so if you do borrow some then, please ask a Committee member who will make a note of it. The Committee are only too happy for you to borrow the boxes, so please do not feel intimidated by this action.


Please let Sylvia Timberlake know if you have an e-mail address that can be used if necessary by the Committee. The Club will NOT issue an E-Mail Address List.


by Peter Lee

Two years ago my team (Tony Lunn and Sean O'Neill, David Burn and Brian Callaghan, and Bob Rowlands and myself) got to the semi-final of the Gold Cup where we got comprehensively flattened by Mould's team (including John Collings - who lives in Mayfield Road, Sutton!). This year we hoped to do better.

We came through the early rounds relatively easily, to reach the last 16 where the opposition became much stronger, in the shape of Holland's team (Michele Brunner, Hirst, Hassett and Melbourne). The lead oscillated, with the margin never great, and Holland could have won narrowly had they bid and made two available grand slams in the last set. As they played one grand in the wrong suit and the other in a small slam, we won by 20-odd.

That was in August and amazingly it was not until December 2nd that we played our quarter final. This was against a very strong team (Patterson/Collins, Crouch/Lodge) all of whom had won the Gold Cup at least twice, Steve Lodge as many as six times. Given I had lost my last two matches heavily against Derek Patterson, this was an extremely tough proposition, made distinctly worse by being 44-0 down after 8 boards. After a flattish second set, we gained about 20 in the next set, to be followed by gaining 47-0 in the next 8. Given we were playing the same pairs (Lee/Rowlands, Burn/Callaghan) in the 0-44 and 47-0 sets, this shows that bridge is an unpredictable game! After this we gained points steadily and they conceded, about 60 down, with one set to play.

For some reason best known to the BBL, given that English teams dominate the final stages in most years, the semi-finals and finals are played in Peebles, concurrently with the SBU Congress there in early December. While the traditional old hotel, the Peebles Hydro, has considerable charm, it does mean a long journey before an exhausting weekend, potentially two 64 board matches in successive days. Like our previous round, where some of the opposition were recognized stars who had played little in recent years (Crouch/Lodge), the same was true for our semi-final opponents, captained by Crook. Apart from Sharpe and McNiff, they included two household names and past European champions, Graham Kirby and Tony Sowter. Kirby had played little since he got married a few years ago and his extremely successful partnership with John Armstrong broke up, while Tony Sowter had hardly played for 10 years or so. The match was a close affair, with the lead changing hands 7 times by board 40, at which point Crook led by 13, neither side having every been ahead by more than 20. Subsequently we lost points in dribs and drabs, being 29 down going into the final 8. The final set was very depressing - many boring flat games and a grand slam bid competently against us - so we had no chance whatsoever to get back, losing by 35. One day we will get to the final!

Crook's team lost narrowly by 22 to the holders Rees (Mossop, McIntosh, Forrester and the Hackett twins), who had survived a sweaty match by 3 imps against Armstrong (Danny Davies, Paul Hackett, McGann, Steel and King) in the semi-final.

I end with a few interesting hands from the semi-final.

1. (Board 4)

You hold K876 ©A943 QJ Q82 at game all. 3 is opened on your right, you pass, LHO passes and partner reopens with a take-out double. What is your bid? In the other semi-final Forrester bid 4 to play in 4 of a major and this seems normal to me. Opposite a singleton club (which is likely) 3NT may be in danger and a penalty inadequate. Against us, Kirby passed. He was incredibly right on this occasion, netting +800 when there is no game on, though Burn/Callaghan were allowed to make 4 by the Ace of clubs lead. The full hand:

K 8 7 6
© A 9 4 3
Q 8 2
Q J 10 9 5
© Q 5 © J 10 7 2
8 7 4 K 10 5 3
A J 9 7 5 4 3 10
A 4 3 2
© K 8 6
A 9 6 2
K 6

2. (Board 12)

You hold 6 © J 10 9 5 2 A 10 9 8 3 10 9 at "green" (non-vul vs vul). Partner opens 3, the next hand doubles, you bid 5 (among a wide choice of options) and the bidding continues 6 (pick a major) - Pass - 6 to you. Do you save? It seems normal to do so as slam is very likely and the save must be quite cheap. Both teams did and partner was totally defenceless, with 9 5 © - K Q J 6 5 4 8 7 5 4 2. However -500 was a phantom as opponents had identical shape so your A and ©J are both tricks.

3. (Board 37)

You hold A 9 5 4 © A Q 10 7 Q J 10 4 8. You open 1© and with the opposition silent the bidding proceeds 2, 2, 3. Your go! I think pass is clear (partner won't bid 3 with solid clubs), but Kirby optimistically bid 3NT. Opposite J 10 8 2 © 6 9 A Q 9 6 4 3 2 game was poor. But the KQ were doubleton, the ©K and K were onside and game rolled home. Worse still, team mates went off in 4, taking two spade finesses and 2 diamond ruffing finesses, all four wrong!

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