ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Tuesday 17 April 2012


The 28th Annual General Meeting of the Club will take place in St John’s Hall on the above date at a start time of 7.30pm followed by bridge as soon as possible.  The usual format will apply, and it is planned for Officers’ reports to be either sent out by email/post or put on the notice board in advance of the Meeting.  It is hoped that these will be taken as read at the Meeting.


Any business you wish to raise at the Meeting should be advised to the Secretary, Adrian Patrick by 10th April. This will enable him to include the item on the Agenda. A copy of last year’s minutes has been available at the Club for the past 11 months and will remain on the board until after the Meeting.  If you require an individual copy please speak to Adrian Patrick.  It is hoped that the accounts will be available in advance of the Meeting.


Nominations for the Committee should be made no later than 10 April 2012 and a list will be displayed on the notice board.  There will be vacancies to be filled on the Committee, so if you might be interested and want to know what would be involved, please speak to Keith or Adrian – don’t hold back!





Norman Cup – 7 Feb/6 Mar (final):  The format will revert to what it was before last year.  The first 10 pairs in the preliminary round on 7 February will be invited to contest the final on 6 March.  There will also be a normal session on 6 March for those not involved in the final.  The winners of the Norman Cup will be invited to represent Mayfield in Surrey’s Mary Edwards Cup.


Mayfield Teams Cup – 21 Feb/27 Mar.  Teams may have up to 6 members but no player may play in 2 different teams.  The results of the two sessions will be amalgamated to produce the winning team, who will be invited to represent Mayfield in Surrey’s Wanborough Cup.


Cliff Street Trophy – Friday, 23 March.  Any member can play in this event, but only those who have played a minimum of 6 times on a Friday over the last year will be eligible to win it.  Those members who are eligible will be notified in advance.


Mixed Pairs Cup - 8 May.  Members should note that although unmixed pairs may turn up to play, they will be expected to pair up with other unmixed pairs where possible.  Any pair left unmixed will still be able to play but without standing.


Dorothy Williamson Handicap Teams – 29 May.  As in previous years we will introduce a handicap for this event.


Men’s & Ladies’ Pairs – 12 June.


Committee and Liz Phillips Cups - 24 July.


Pick-Up Teams – 31 July.



National Results


Gold Cup:                                            1st  Peter Lee & partners


National Counties League Final:            2nd Surrey Team of 8 including Peter Lee & Arun Suri


Brighton Congress Teams:                    3rd Peter Lee & partners


Surrey Competitions


AGM Swiss Pairs:                                1st Peter Lee & partner


Victor Ludorum:                                   1st Peter Lee                


Surrey Swiss teams A flight:                  1st Bernard Pike, Tony Scouller, Tim Cook, Alan Bailey


Senior Pairs:                                         1st  Liz Phillips & partner

                                                            3rd  Pam Jardine & Ulla Adilz


Men’s Pairs:                                         3rd Arun Suri & partner


Dorin Salver:                                        1st Chris Pullan & partner


                                                            Teams for Mayfield


Surrey Team of 8 NICKO:                   3rd  Peter Lee, Liz Phillips, Tim Cook, Roger Morton,                                       Ian Swanson, Bill Hodgkiss, Bernard Pike, Tony Scouller                                                                          

Club Competitions


Liz Phillips Cup:                                    1st  Liz Phillips & Tim Cook

                                                            2nd Arun Suri & Roger Morton


Committee Cup:                                   1st  Geoff Whitehead & Philip Brooks

                        2nd Alan Rainbow & Chris Lemon


Pick-up Teams September:                   1st  Liz Phillips, Ian Swanson, Gwen Easto,

Ann Chapple

2nd  Geoff Whitehead, Philip Brooks, Peter Cogliatti, Philip Tilbrook


Pick-up Teams November:                   1st  Tim Cook, Arun Suri, Geoff Whitehead,

                                                            Philip Brooks

                                                2nd  Philip Tilbrook, Peter Cogliatti, Julian Hemsted.                                          Dean Morley               


Pro Am:                                               1st  Geoff Whitehead, Peter Lee

                                                            2nd  Philip Brooks, Sean O’Neill                      




Members’ questionnaire


We had 29 responses to the members’ questionnaire which was fewer than we had hoped for, but perhaps the majority felt things are perfect as they are!  We are greatly indebted to Peter Lee for analysing the responses and producing a multi-page report which listed all the comments made but retained respondents’ anonymity.  This report was circulated to all Committee members.  It is not appropriate or practical to include it in this Newsletter, but my summary is given on the next page and includes aspects mentioned by at least two respondents.  It also lists any actions the Committee intends to take.  Please bear in mind we cannot please all members all the time!  


Duplimated hands


Last September the Committee decided to introduce pre-dealt hands (produced by a Duplimate machine) on both Tuesdays and Fridays for an initial trial period of three months.  The aim was to have randomly dealt hands – often not achieved with hand shuffling – with a sheet of the hands available to take away at the end of the session.  An important extra benefit was to eliminate the need to input manually the hands on the website – not a popular task at 11.30 at night!


The cost of buying in these hands is just over £10 per session.  Although the annual cost is therefore slightly over £1,000, this is largely offset by not paying for someone to produce tea/coffee for us (following George’s sad demise).


Although none of us like lots of flat hands, I know that some of you have found the Duplimated hands to be slightly more distributional than you had expected or been accustomed to with such hands.  However, the computer program used to produce our hands is the same one that others use.  One program option we have very recently had introduced is for the NS and EW hands to have almost the same number of points in aggregate over the full set of hands.  The reason for doing this is particularly relevant for special events, as it is more difficult to do well if your side has significantly fewer points overall. As a full set of boards is 32 and we only play 27 at most, it will not be possible for someone clever to work out how many points his side should have on the last board! 


The Committee has decided to extend the trial period until the AGM, when a recommendation about whether to continue using them will be put to the membership.


One winner movements


Where possible we have been using a Howell movement to avoid having 3-board sit-outs when there is a half table, and this gives just one winner.  We have now also decided to use a one-winner Mitchell movement, which involves arrow-switching for the last two or three boards.   This avoids issuing prize vouchers for less than £2.50 which a few of you have commented on.  The voucher format for Tuesdays and Fridays is now:-


Up to 4½ tables:                       no vouchers     

5 to 9½ tables:                          £2.50 per person for winning pair                     

10 or more tables                     £2.50 per person for winning pair and runners-up.





I hope members will be sympathetic and agreeable to being asked to be host.  It should only be once, or twice at most, a year for a particular session.  It can be made less onerous by thinking ahead to when it would be most convenient for you – perhaps when your regular partner is on holiday – and offering your services to Ron Maclaren (Tuesday hosting) and Pam Jardine (Friday hosting) who are looking for hosts up to June.  Incidentally a person turning up without a partner is expected to play with any other spare person.  Choosing to play with the host instead is not an option.



(covering issues mentioned by at least two respondents)


The Committee’s response is given in [   ].

Sim Pairs

Just under half the respondents were interested in the EBU event, but nearly two thirds were interested in the Surrey event.

[Replace EBU event with the Surrey one in the 2012/13 calendar.]


Pick-Up Teams

Vast majority favoured no change.


Other events

Several respondents were not interested in the Pro-Am. 


Several respondents were interested in a Swiss Teams event.

[Feasibility of this or a Swiss Pairs event will be investigated.]



Vast majority seemed content with its current format.


Christmas Party

Nearly half suggested some changes, mainly more bridge and less talk.

[Subsequent omission of anecdotes at the recent party seemed beneficial and at this stage no major changes were planned, but this aspect will be considered again nearer the time.]


Howell movements

Vast majority were in favour to avoid 3-board sit-outs.


Action for Directors

Several respondents mentioned continuing or stronger action by Directors against slow players.

[Problem of slow play was less than it used to be, and only a few members were ‘guilty’.  The Chairman would speak to members who were slow and appeared to be making no effort to speed up to the detriment of others’ enjoyment.  Imposing sanctions at the table, particularly if it affected the ‘non-guilty’ as well, would not be conducive to the friendly atmosphere we were trying to create.]


Members’ behaviour, dress code etc

Several members thought the wearing of shorts should be discouraged.

[No change to the present practice of requiring shorts to be below knee length.]


Vast majority were content with the frequency and content.


Other communications from Committee

A couple of respondents suggested that the host list should be put on the website. 

[The Future Events page on the website already has an empty column titled Host/Note and the host list will be put there.]


Other comments

A few respondents mentioned membership issues - recruiting new members and maintaining the standard.

[Trying to find new members who were of a suitable standard has been a perennial problem to which there is no obvious solution.  An alternative approach is to try to encourage more of the 80 or so members to come regularly.  In particular, try to identify why members are not coming – perhaps a lack of a regular partner or someone to bring them – and see if a solution can be suggested.]


An interesting hand – by Liz Phillips


The following story turned up whilst playing at a Pairs Event at Wimbledon.

I held as West, non-vulnerable against vulnerable:


S          Qxxx

H         -

D         AKJ10xx

C          xxx                                The bidding went as follows:


            West                North                East                  South

                                                            Pass                 1 S

            2D                    2H                    3D                    4NT

            5D                    5H                    Pass                 6H

            7D                    X


King of Spades was led and a switch to Hearts and as you will see from the N/S hands

6 Hearts is an easy make –       Dealer East  -  N/S  Vulnerable


                                    S          K

                                    H         AJ10xxx

                                    D         xxx

                                    C          Kxx

West                                                                East

S          Qxxx                                                    S          xx

H         -                                                           H         xxx

D         AKJ10xx                                              D         Qxxx

C          xxx                                                       C          Qxxx



                                    S          AJ109xx

                                    H         KQxx

                                    D         -

                                    C          AJx


I was four down for 800 and said to my partner that it was a good save, but how many pairs would have bid 6 Hearts?  -  As I feared only one!  The operation succeeded but as so often the patient died!  I wonder how many of you Mayfield players would have bid 6 Hearts?  I think quite a lot, possibly even 7 Diamonds.