New Year Online Teams


- An All-play-all League
- Teams can comprise up to 6 players, of which a maximum of 2 may be non-Mayfield members.
- Only 4 may play in a match, and at least 3 of these must be Mayfield members.
- One match per week, the Day / Time of each to be decided between Captains (a spare week will be allocated for matches that are difficult to arrange)
- Matches to be 16, 20 or 24 boards, as agreed between the Captains (but 16 boards, if the Captains can’t agree)
- Scores converted to VPs according to 16, 20, 24 board scales as appropriate. Continuous VP scales
- Matches to be played in two halves, swapping opposing Pairs midway
- £1 per player per match, in order to comply with our rules of affiliation with the EBU – to be collected subsequently, tba

The League will start late in January 2021 (probably week commencing 24th)

Please organize teams yourselves, and the Captain should register the Team with Dave Norman as soon as possible – by 14th January 2021 latest

Dave will provide a “clearing service” for those unable to find sufficient team-mates or those wishing their details to be forwarded to others when email addresses unknown. Just email him.


Adrian Patrick, Peter Cogliatti, Neil Gayner, Julian Hemsted, Robin Griffiths

Dave Norman, Arun Suri, David Dawson, Ian Swanson, Roger Eddleston, Bill Hodgkiss

Peter Lee, Mike Scoltock, Richard Fedrick, Andrew Southwell

Tony Quilley, Harry Figov, Kosta Vasilev, Anton Mauve, Richard Rule

Roger Morton, Alan Bailey, Paul Chapman, Adrian Ring, Bernard Pike, David Ould

Dick Strattan, James Leslie, Julie Allman, Derek Ash

Rosemary Rice, David Dick, Elizabeth Johnson, Ann Madden, Mary Street, Roger Sugden