Committee Cup

Awarded to winners of a Pairs Tournament for players of lower ranking

2019/2020Derek Ash and Stephen Goldman
2018/2019Derek Ash and Stephen Goldman
2017/2018Chris Pullan and Mike Cowley
2016/2017Sylvia and John Timberlake
2015/2016Joan Cullen and Julian Hemsted
2014/2015Audrey Kolbe and Elizabeth Johnson
2013/2014Philip Tilbrook and Ann Chapple
2012/2013Inu Kassam and Philip Brooks
2011/2012Geoff Whitehead and Philip Brooks
2010/2011Peter Cogliatti & Andrew Barnett
2009/2010John Lockyer and Chris Pullan
2008/2009Kerstin Tompsett and Pam Jardine
2007/2008Lazlo Magos and Philip Brooks
2006/2007Lazlo Magos and Philip Brooks
2005/2006Malcolm Channing and Ron Maclaren
2004/2005Jack Feld and Martin Trouse
2003/2004George Foot and Keith Jackson
2002/2003Joan Underdown and Mike Stilwell
2001/2002Ulla Adilz and Bengt Adilz
2000/2001Audrey Kolbe and Elizabeth Johnson
1999/2000Chris Pullan and Mike Cowley
1998/1999Chris Pullan and Mike Cowley
1997/1998Harry Phillips and John Osborne
1996/1997Harry Phillips and John Osborne
1995/1996David Dick and Eugene Sullivan
1994/1995Audrey Kolbe and Helen Seymour
1993/1994No Competition
1992/1993Renate Lane and Edith Smollett
1991/1992David Nock and Martin Trouse
1990/1991David Nock and Martin Trouse
1989/1990Pam Cox and M Pollitt
1988/1989Rosemary Rice and Helen Seymour
1987/1988Audrey Vaughan and D Bryant
1986/1987John and Sylvia Timberlake

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