Norman Cup
Club Pairs Championship

2019/2020Bernard Pike and Roger Morton
2018/2019Adrian Patrick and Neil Gayner
2017/2018Arun Suri and Dave Norman
2016/2017Peter Lee and Mike Scoltock
2015/2016Peter Lee and Mike Scoltock
2014/2015Rolf Alexander and Bill Hodgkiss
2013/2014Peter Lee and Sean O'Neill
2012/2013Sylvia Timberlake and Joan Cullen
2011/2012Tony Belton and Roger Sugden
2010/2011Adrian Patrick and Dean Morley
2009/2010Adrian Patrick and Dean Morley
2008/2009Alan Bailey and Roy Smith
2007/2008Tim Cook and Roger Morton
2006/2007Audrey Grzesiak and Hazel Farmer
2005/2006Alan Bailey and Roy Smith
2004/2005Tim Cook and Roger Morton
2003/2004Alan Bailey and Roy Smith
2002/2003John Timberlake and Sylvia Timberlake
2001/2002Roger Morton and John Frosztega
2000/2001Peter Southon and Pam Southon
1999/2000Bernard Pike and Arun Suri
1998/1999Bernard Pike and Arun Suri
1997/1998Sylvia Clark and Dick Clark
1996/1997Sylvia Timberlake and John Timberlake
1995/1996Pam Southon and Peter Southon
1994/1995Renate Lane and Audrey Randall
1993/1994Tim Cook and Chris Pullan
1992/1993Tony Borman and Mike Palmer
1991/1992David Nock and Martin Trouse
1990/1991Audrey Grzesiak and Hazel Farmer
1989/1990Tony Stone and Dick Clark
1988/1989Marilia Davies and Peggy Moir
1987/1988Kath Coward and Jean Davies
1986/1987Arun Suri and Malcolm Curtis
1985/1986Tony Stone and Dick Clark
1984/1985Roy Davidson and Cliff Street
1983/1984Joe Edgar and Harold Worger
1982/1983John Lennard and Roy Davidson
1981/1982Joe Edgar and Harold Worger
1980/1981Mrs J Palmer and M Trevena
1979/1980Kath Coward and J C E A Rolls
1978/1979Geoff Whitehead and N Grenfell
1977/1978Kath Coward and Dr D M Stone
1976/1977Liz Phillips and Dickie Phillips
1975/1976Liz Phillips and Dickie Phillips
1974/1975SharedGeoff Whitehead and Tony Borman
1974/1975SharedJ C E A Rolls and N C Levy
1973/1974Dickie and Liz Phillips
1972/1973Mrs J Harper and D McCallum
1971/1972Mrs J Harper and D McCallum
1970/1971Mr and Mrs C F Wombwell
1969/1970Cliff Street and Mrs J Harper
1968/1969Mr and Mrs W H A Groom
1967/1968H O Worger and R Whitmont
1966/1967Dickie Phillips and Liz Phillips
1965/1966Mrs I Saunders and Mrs M Alderton
1964/1965B Bottomley and A Armitage
1963/1964Dickie Phillips and Liz Phillips
1962/1963Kath Coward and Dr D M Stone
1961/1962Mr and Mrs D K Beever
1960/1961Dickie Phillips and Liz Phillips
1959/1960Norman Levy and C Turner

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